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  • Anti Explosion Metal Tube Telephone Line Explosion Proof Tube

Anti Explosion Metal Tube Telephone Line Explosion Proof Tube

JWBT8931 is a kind of Explosion-proof Accessories, it is named Explosion-proof Flexible Tube with the explosion-proof mark: ExdIICGb / DIPA20 whose protection level is IP65.

Its product Specifications: G1 / 2 "-700/1000 maded by the material: 304.

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1. It has the features of flame resistance, corrosion resistance, water resistance, aging, flexible and firm structure, reliable work.

2. Hose threaded union ends of the metal, the tubular body portion of the stainless steel mesh.

3. When both ends of thread forms later Remarks: outside an inner one, the ends of the inner ends.

Thread Size


Flexible tube length


Cable maximum outside diameter


The minimum bend radius


Corrosion grade



Why Choose Us


Certification :

SGS, ISO 9001:2000 , CE, FCC,ROHS,CNEX, IP65/IP66/IP67,


500 pcs/carton, 22kg/carton

Delivery date:

10-20 days


1 set

Supply Ability:

5000 sets/month

Payment Term:

T/T, Paypal, Alibaba Trade Assurance, L/C or others for negotiation.

Samples Offer:

Samples are available and can be free for strategic customer.

Samples arrangement:

Standard samples will be prepared to sending in about 3 working days. 

(And DHL 3-5days; UPS 3-5days; Fedex / TNT 3 5days; EMS 7 days to reach destination)

After-sales Service

2 Years' Warranty and spare parts are available for maintenance.


Tel: 0086-574-58223619, Mob: +86-13858299692

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