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Explosion Proof Fiber Optic Telephone

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  • IP66 aluminum alloy optical fiber telephone
  • automatic dialing mine explosion proof industrial telephone
  • Emergency Roadside Fiber Optic Equipment Explosion Proof telephone
  • Emergency Telephone In Hazardous Area
  • Area Explosion Proof Fiber Optic Telephone for Roadside

Explosion Proof Fiber Optic Telephone Extension Mining Telephone - JWBT831

The explosion proof telephone JWBT831 is an emergency phone that specifically addresses the harsh environment of outdoor industry.The telephone is rugged and durable and explosion proof telephone is intrinsically safe and atex zone1 and zone 2 also zone 21.

The explosion proof telephone uses aluminum alloy as the raw material for the weatherproof enclosure, and the exterior is strong, it is optical fiber model. OEM and customization is also available.

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1. Direct access to Ethernet, cross-network segment and cross-route.

2. Digital key dialing, call any terminal to realize full-duplex intercom (default).

3. Calling a call to the area permitted by the permission.

4. The patented design of the phone case is waterproof, dustproof, no need for waterproof cover, beautiful and practical.

5. The circuit inside the telephone adopts the international universal double-sided integrated circuit, which has precise number and call clear, stable work and other advantages.

6. Aluminum alloy die-cast housing, stainless steel keyboard, explosion-proof PC receiver, zinc alloy fork.

7. 30W*4 output high-quality amplifier amplification, with warning lights, clear sound and bright.

8. Automatic answering function, which can realize paging broadcast.

9. You can set the hotline number and lift the machine to realize automatic dialing.

10. Amplification and earpiece volume can be adjusted through the keyboard.

11. Aluminum alloy die-cast housing, stainless steel keyboard, explosion-proof PC receiver, zinc alloy fork.

12. The surface of the shell is electrostatically sprayed at high temperature, with good antistatic ability and corrosion resistance.

13. The key parts handles, hanging forks and keyboards are all produced by our company. The quality control is strictly controlled, and the reaction speed is fast after sale.

Explosion-proof mark


Power Supply


Standby Work Current


Frequency Response

250~3000 Hz

Ringer Volume


Amplified Output Power


Corrosion Grade


Ambient Temperature


Atmospheric Pressure


Relative Humidity


Lead Hole





Why Choose Us

Certification :SGS, ISO 9001:2000 , CE, FCC,ROHS,CNEX, IP65/IP66/IP67,
Packing:1 sets/carton, 13kg/carton
Delivery date:3-7 days
MOQ:1 set
Supply Ability:5000 sets/month
Payment Term:T/T, Paypal, Alibaba Trade Assurance, L/C or others for negotiation.
Samples Offer:Samples are available and can be free for strategic customer.
Samples arrangement:Standard samples will be prepared to sending in about 3 working days. 
(And DHL 3-5days; UPS 3-5days; Fedex / TNT 3 5days; EMS 7 days to reach destination)
After-sales Service2 Years' Warranty and spare parts are available for maintenance.
ContactTel: 0086-574-58223619, Mob: +86-13858299692

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