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How to use and maintenance the intrinsically safety electrical equipment

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How to use and maintenance the  intrinsically safe electrical equipment ?

 intrinsically safety electrical equipment


In order to ensure the performance of mine /mining industrial intrinsically safe electrical equipment , it should be regularly checked, regularly maintained and maintained.



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  • Use of intrinsically safe electrical equipment


1 Before installing intrinsic satety electrical equipment,the staff must figure out the circuit layout and be familiar with the circuit system.


2 Before installing intrinsically safe electrical equipment, check whether its electrical parameters and electrical performance are consistent with the product manual, whether the setting value of the protection circuit is consistent with the design value, and whether the protection circuit is sensitive and reliable.


3 The arrangement and connection of wires shall not be changed or modified at will.


4 Pay attention to distinguish the terminals of intrinsically safe circuits (blue) and those of non-intrinsically safe circuits, avoid connecting intrinsically safe circuits to the terminals of non-intrinsically safe circuits, and avoid connecting non-intrinsically safe circuits to the terminals of intrinsically safe circuits .


5 The external cables or wires of intrinsically safe circuits should be laid out separately and not allowed to be laid together with high-voltage cables.


6 The length of external cables or wires of intrinsically safe circuits should be as short as possible, and should not exceed the specified maximum value.


7 External cables or wires of intrinsically safe circuits must not be coiled to reduce distributed inductance.


8 Intrinsically safe electrical equipment with internal and external grounding terminals should be reliably grounded. The internal grounding terminal must be reliably connected to the grounding core of the cable.


9 Intrinsically safe electrical equipment originally designed to be used alone, do not run multiple units in parallel to avoid superimposition of electrical parameters and damage the intrinsic safety of the original circuit. The intrinsically safe circuit system composed of two or more intrinsically safe electrical equipment can only be installed and used in accordance with the original design, and one of them shall not be taken out for use alone or combined with other electrical equipment to form a new electrical system, unless the new system is re-inspected and qualified . 10 Without inspection by an explosion-proof inspection unit, electrical equipment outside the design range (whether it is intrinsically safe or non-intrinsically safe) shall not be connected to intrinsically safe circuits, and different types of intrinsically safe electrical equipment or some of the circuits shall not be connected Freely combine to form a new electrical system.

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  •  Maintenance of intrinsically safe electrical equipment


The maintenance of intrinsically safe electrical equipment is mainly to inspect and maintain the performance of the components used in the intrinsically safe circuit, the insulation resistance value of the electrical circuit, the fastening of the external wiring and the internal wiring terminal, and whether the grounding is good.


1 During the use and maintenance of mine-used intrinsically safe circuits and intrinsically safe electrical equipment, the electrical parameters and protection performance of the originally designed intrinsically safe circuits must be maintained. In addition to checking the electrical parameters and protection performance of the intrinsically safe circuit when the electrical equipment enters the well, it should also be checked regularly during downhole use.


2 When replacing the electrical components in the intrinsically safe circuit and associated circuits, the electrical parameters and intrinsic safety performance of the original circuit must not be changed, and the specifications and models of the electrical components must not be changed without authorization, especially the protective components. The replacement protection components should be strictly screened. Special parts such as rubber-sealed explosion-proof components should be purchased from the manufacturer if they are damaged, or be copied strictly in the original way.


3 It is forbidden to use non-explosion-proof instruments for measurement or repair with electric soldering iron when inspecting intrinsically safe electrical equipment in places with gas explosion danger underground, and the front-level power supply should be cut off during inspection.


4 For intrinsically safe related equipment installed in a non-hazardous location, in addition to visual inspection, the intrinsically safe circuit connected to the hazardous location must be cut off during maintenance.


5 Intrinsically safe electrical equipment in operation should regularly check the setting value and operating reliability of the protection circuit.


6 If it is necessary to modify the original design of the intrinsically safe circuit, it should be submitted to the explosion-proof inspection unit for review according to the requirements of the inspection procedure, and it can be used after passing the inspection.

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