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Waterproof telephone--------the good and practical helper in industry

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Waterproof telephone--------the good and practical helper in industry

1. The history of waterproof telephone

From a global point of view, waterproof phones originated in the first half of the last century, and they have not been introduced to China for a long time. Around the 1990s, they entered the country with a number of Japanese aid projects in China. International mainstream manufacturers include Gai-tronics in the United States, FHF in Germany, and leleas in France. From a domestic point of view, the main manufacturers are concentrated in Shenzhen, Ningbo and other regions. At present, Shenzhen Past has several complete sets of waterproof phone molds, providing solutions for various protection levels from IP65-IP67.

Industrial waterproof telephones were initially used inhigh-dust, high-humidity, and high-risk operation scenarios to provide support for emergency and dispatch communications. Later, they were widely used in highways and various tunnels. Industrial waterproof telephones put forward higher requirements, such assound and light alarm,broadcast intercom and so on.

2. The technical parameters of waterproof telephone

Power Supply

Telephone Line Powered


24--65 VDC

Standby Work Current


Frequency Response

2503000 Hz

Ringer Volume


Corrosion Grade


Ambient Temperature


Atmospheric Pressure


Relative Humidity


Cable Gland





The above sheet shows the technical Parameters of JWAT306 ,thisweatherprooftelephone Isverypopularfortunnels,mining,marine,underground,metrostations,railwayplatform,highwayside,hotels,parkinglots,steelplants, Chemical Plants, Power Plants And Related Heavy Duty Industrial Application, Etc.

3. Product Features

1. Aluminum alloy die-casting shell, high mechanical strength and strong impact resistance.

2. StandardAnalogue phone . Also available inSIP/VOIP ,GSM/3G version.

3. Heavy Duty handset with hearing Aid compatible receiver,Noise canceling microphone.

4. Weather proof protection to IP66-IP67.

5. Stainless Steel Illuminated Keypad , buttons can be programmed asspeed dial button.

6. Wall mounted , Simple in installation.

7. Phone line powered.

8. Connection: RJ11 screw terminal pair cable.

9. Sound level of ringing :over 80dB.

10. Multiple housings and colors.

11. Self-made telephone spare part available.

12. CE, FCC, ROHS,ISO9001 compliant

4. Product appearance 


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