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Advantages of IP PBX (2)-Joiwo IP Telephone

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Advantages of IP PBX (2)


1.Collaborative work across regions

For example; the head office is in Shanghai, the branch office is in Beijing, Guangzhou, Chengdu, we can put an IPPBX in Shanghai, and at the same time in the Shanghai company, we apply for a fixed IP address, so that we can let the telephone of these branches machine, register directly to the server in Shanghai, call out through the Shanghai company's line, and external users call in, they can also directly find the person they are looking for, such as a colleague in the technical department or a colleague in the business department;

This can also save international or domestic long-distance charges. For example, the user's head office is in Shanghai, and the US branch can network with the Shanghai company, so that the extensions in the two places can use the outside line of another company to make outgoing calls, such as the Shanghai office. Colleagues who want to find American customers can directly use the landline of the American company to call out. Similarly, colleagues of the American company can also use the Shanghai phone to call domestic customers.


2.Diverse application scenarios

IPPBX, can serve the hotel, it can be connected with the hotel management system, so that the hotel can realize some specific functions, such as timed wake-up, real-time extension management;

It can be used in highways, schools, hospitals and other scenarios; nursing homes, IPPBX, can realize video calls, as long as a SIP phone with video function is installed, the video intercommunication between the phone and the mobile phone, and between the phone and the phone can be realized.

At the same time, it can also be used for ships, so that the network and satellite can be used to make Internet phone calls, which can reduce communication costs.

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