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Application of waterproof telephones in offshore engineering

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Application of waterproof telephones in offshore engineering

Human offshore engineering activities are mainly focused on offshore oil and gas development and energy utilization. Marine engineering usually refers to ships built around offshore oil and gas development. An offshore engineering vessel refers to a "ship" that specializes in certain types of water or underwater projects. 

It is equipped with complete sets of working machinery to complete specific tasks, such as waterway guarantee, port operations, water conservancy construction, offshore construction, rescue and salvage, etc. Including dredgers, crane vessels, piling vessels, cable laying vessels, offshore rescue and salvage vessels, floating docks, diving work vessels, etc. 

Due to the environmental characteristics of offshore projects, it is inevitable to encounter large winds and waves, so offshore waterproof communication equipment is a must.

Ningbo  Joiwo  has 17 years of experience in producing  waterproof telephones . We have two types of waterproof phones: analog phones and IP phones. 

At the same time, we also have two main waterproof telephones  JWAT909,  IP67 and  JWAT307, IP67. Joiwo waterproof telephones are all made of aluminum alloy, with a stainless steel keypad and an housing, which can protect the telephone very well and have better waterproof performance. 

JWAT306 (1)

JWAT306 (6)

JWAT307 (35)


As Alibaba's gold medal supplier, we will also provide good after-sales service and maintenance services.

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Ningbo Joiwo Explosion-proof,specialized in the production of explosion-proof/waterproof telephones, jail phones and other vandal resistant public telephones for more than 17 years.


We manufacture most of the parts by ourselves(handset,keypad,hanger etc).We have all kinds of machines doing moulding,injection,die casting,hardware machining.Our telephones are widely used in oil exploitation,chemical industry,prison,tunnel etc.As a reliable supplier , we can provide you with high-quality products and good after-sales service.


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