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Application significance of fiber optic VOIP telephone in pipe gallery

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Communication technology is so advanced! Why should fiber-optic VOIP telephones be installed in the underground integrated pipe gallery?

Application significance of fiber opticVOIP telephoneinpipe gallery

JWBT811 (10) 

One, normative interpretation


It is stipulated in GB50838-2015 that a fixed communication system should be installed in the pipe gallery, and there are no special requirements for performance requirements. It seems to be a dispensable device, and because of the special structure of the long transmission distance of the pipe gallery, ordinary The analog telephones cannot solve the communication in the pipe gallery, so most of them adopt the mode of optical fiber transmission, so most owners are wailing, thinking that it is not worth spending so much money for such a dispensable product. Therefore, when purchasing products, most of them choose a low-priced product in order to respond to the requirements of the national standard, without paying attention to the quality and performance of the product, and only to solve the problem of "have or not", but what is the actual situation?


Second, the pipe gallery telephone is indispensable


Under the normal operation of the pipe gallery, the pipe gallery telephone is indeed a dispensable existence. Although the system can communicate with the external public network, no one wants to chat with friends on the phone in the pipe gallery. Only in rare cases, the operation and maintenance personnel may communicate with the outside world through the fixed-line system.


But this is under normal operation, but the pipe gallery will not be in normal operation all the time. If so, the pipe gallery will lose its meaning of existence - to solve the problem of urban road zipper.


Due to the maintenance of each entry pipeline in the pipe gallery, the maintenance of the pipe gallery itself and some other reasons, there must be a large number of professionals in the pipe gallery other than their own operation and maintenance personnel to work in the gallery.


It is impossible to have mobile phone signal coverage in the pipe gallery, so the fixed-line communication system has become the only external communication system for these temporary personnel entering the gallery, and it has become a communication guarantee system for them to complete their work and provide efficient communication.


At the same time, with the increase in the length of the pipe gallery and the increase in the types of pipelines entering the gallery, there will be more and more temporary personnel entering the gallery for work. Because of this, the reliance on the communication guarantee system in the pipe gallery will become more and more. getting stronger.


Therefore, the fixed-line communication system in the pipe gallery is not a dispensable system, nor an emergency telephone dispatching system, but an important communication guarantee system related to the operation and maintenance efficiency of the pipe gallery.


3. Application requirements of fiber opticVOIP telephonein pipe gallery


In GB50838-2015, only a brief description of the fixed communication system is made, including the location of telephone installation, the distance between telephones, and the connection method of signals. The national standard is regarded as a minimum standard for project construction. Such The requirement simply addresses a "have or not" question. Since the fixed communication system plays such an important role in the pipe gallery, the fixed telephone system is not simply a question of "is there", it should be a question of "can it be used". For solving the problem of "can it be used", the author believes that the following aspects should be considered.


1. In view of the long transmission distance of the pipe gallery, the mode of optical fiber transmission should be adopted. This has already reached a consensus among major design institutes and owners, and will not be further explained here.


2. According to the characteristics of constant temperature and constant tide of the pipe gallery, the electrical products entering the gallery must have a protection level of not lower than IP65. This is determined by the characteristics of constant temperature and constant tide of the pipe gallery. There are many microorganisms that breed in the pipe gallery. This kind of microorganism The corrosion of electronic components will be very serious, so the electrical equipment entering the corridor needs to have a very good protection level. The national standard requires no less than IP65. The author believes that IP67 will be more suitable for the use of pipe corridors, because moisture affects the equipment. It is surrounded by all-round, IP65 is waterproof splash, IP67 is waterproof immersion, this is for electrical equipment that works in the environment of pipe gallery for a long time, waterproof immersion will have a better protection effect on the equipment, and can also make Equipment life is longer. During the visit, the author found that there are two main types of equipment damage in the pipe gallery due to insufficient protection level, one is the pipe gallery telephone, and the other is the camera. equipment, which caused huge trouble for the follow-up work.


3. As a communication security system, it is also anemergency telephonesystem, so the system must have a key-call function.


4. As a communication security system, the system should be able to communicate with the external public network, not only to make calls in the pipe gallery, but also to enable the phone users of the external public network to call into the pipe gallery. , and make any calls in the pipe gallery without affecting the use of other phones, so that calls are truly non-blocking.


5. As a communication security system, the system must ensure that all the phones in the system are in good condition, so how to ensure that hundreds or even thousands of phones are easy to use? If you rely on manual maintenance to observe whether each phone can be used or not, this is unrealistic, because whether the phone is easy to use or not can not be seen from the appearance. In this way, it is necessary for the fixed-line communication system to have the function of monitoring its terminals and intermediate connecting equipment, and can immediately respond to any failure of any component in the system, including but not limited to switches, optical transceivers, optical transceivers, telephones, etc. Get feedback and report to operation and maintenance personnel for maintenance. This is what we often say that the system should have the function of self-checking.


6. The self-checking function of the system is far from enough for the communication security system, because no matter what the networking mode of the system is, in view of the structure of the pipe gallery, most of them adopt the cascade mode, and any connected device in the middle will be connected to the next one. The connecting device provides transmission signals, so that once an intermediate device fails, all the devices after the faulty device cannot be used, resulting in the collapse of the entire communication system. To prevent this from happening, the system should have a self-healing network. The self-healing mentioned here does not mean that the equipment can be repaired by itself, but that if a point in the network fails, the entire network can continue to be used by technical means, and the network cannot be collapsed or paralyzed due to a single point of failure. There are currently two ways to achieve self-healing. One is to use a fiber-optic self-healing switch mode. Once the switch fails, it will automatically short-circuit the switch to ensure the use of the network; the other is to use a fiber-optic self-healing ring mode. Adopting the duality of optical transmission, bypassing the point of failure to ensure the use of the network.


7. As a communication system, it should also have a recording function to provide a basis for the investigation and evidence collection of emergency situations in the pipe gallery.


8. Now many pipe galleries are designed with gas warehouses. It is clearly stipulated in GB50838-2015 that the gas warehouses belong to the second-class explosion-proof places, so the electrical equipment in the gas warehouses needs to have explosion-proof qualifications, including those in the fixed-line communication system. Telephones must have valid explosion-proof qualifications issued by national laboratories. As for intrinsic safety or explosion-proof, as long as they meet the explosion-proof requirements of Class II places.

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