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Differences and advantages and disadvantages of analog and digital telephone systems

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Differences and advantages and disadvantages of analog and digital telephone systems


Analog phonesystem – also commonly known as Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS) – that carries voice signals over copper wires .

VoIP technology transmits voice traffic over Internet in the form of data packets .


2.Phone cost

Analog telephone cheaper than voip telephone 

3.System cost

Analog:In addition to the PBX host and external line cards, a large number of extension boards, modules and bearer gateways need to be configured, but no user licenses need to be purchased.

VOIP:Only need to purchase PBX host, external card and IP user license.

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4.Computer room cost

Analog:Due to the large number of system components, it requires a lot of room space and supporting facilities, such as cabinets, patch panels, etc.

VOIP:Since there are few system components, only a few U of cabinet space is required, and it is multiplexed with the data network, so no additional wiring is required.

5.Wiring cost

Analog telephone wiring must use dedicated voice wiring and cannot be multiplexed with data wiring. 

IP phone cabling can be completely based on data cabling, without separate cabling .

6.Maintenance management

Analog:Due to the large number of system components, especially when the system is large, maintenance is relatively complicated, and if the user's location changes, special IT is required to change the jumper to the computer room, and the management is also more troublesome. 

VOIP:Because there are few system components, maintenance is relatively simple; when the user's location changes, the user only needs to make corresponding configuration changes on the phone.

7.Phone features

Analog:The functions of the analog phone are relatively simple, and it can only do simple calls, hands-free, etc. If it is used for business functions such as transfer and conference, the operation is relatively complicated, and the analog phone has only one voice channel.

VOIP:The functions of IP phones are relatively comprehensive. Most of the business functions only need to be operated on the phone interface, and IP phones can have multiple voice channels. 

  • Comprehensive cost:

It can be seen that although the analog telephone system has more advantages in terms of telephone cost than the IP telephone system, the overall construction cost of the analog telephone system is much higher than that of the IP telephone system, considering the cost of the entire PBX system, equipment room and wiring.

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