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GIEPE2017 (Guangzhou International Explosion-proof Electric Apparatus & Technology Exhibition)

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Event: GIEPE20117(Guangzhou International Explosion-proof Electric Apparatus & Technology Exhibition)

Date: 11 August 2017 to 13 August 2017

Location: China

Description: China (Guangzhou) International Explosion-proof Electric Apparatus and Technology Exhibition (GIEPE2017) is the most professional and authoritative exhibition in the field of explosion-proof electric apparatus in China mainland. As one of the top trade fairs of the petrochemical and explosion-proof electric apparatus in Asia, it is held annually in August in Guangzhou, together with the simultaneous expo, China Guangzhou Int'l Petrol & Chemistry Industry Exposition. The exhibitors of GIEPE2017 will reach to more than 350, taking up 25,000?O exhibition area; This exhibition is composed of four parts, including product showcase, forum, procurement and trade communication as well as experience exchange conference. So we are looking forward to your participation in this event! 

As we all know, explosion-proof electric apparatus, including various explosion-proof instrument, controllers, safety alarm device and some other important apparatus, play an important role in some projects in the petroleum and chemical industry.The explosion-proof electric apparatus also are indispensable in other fields. With the sustained and rapid development of the national economy from late of China's the Eleventh Five-year Plan to 2020, the manufacturing enterprises for explosion-proof electric apparatus will meet a broad market, and the demand for related equipments in some fields will grow increasingly, including petrochemical industry, coal chemical industry, power industry, metallurgical industry, textile industry etc.Guangzhou is featured as long-term, strategic importance, and affecting the overall interests of the country. The powerful petrochemical industry, textile industry, storage and transport industry, pharmacy industry and so on determine Guangzhou is the main Explosion-proof equipment consumer market in China. Thus, GIEPE establish a special zone to display the explosion-proof electric apparatus with high quality for professional buyers in Guangzhou China Import and Export Fair Pazhou Complex.

Market Analysis

As we all know, the explosion-proof electric apparatus are indispensable in petrochemical industry, mine industry, power industry, metallurgical industry, oil and gas transportation industry etc. With the sustained and rapid development on the national petrochemical and mine industry in the past thirty years, China explosion-proof electric apparatus industry has been enormous development and its annual market needs has increased range from 15% to 20%. 

In the next twenty years, China will still mainly depend on the coal in the energy composition; and China petrochemical, power, metallurgical industry will continues heating up; besides, the government and the enterprises will pay more and more attention on workers?ˉ safety& health and the efficiency of the product. So these factors will be bound to the improvement for explosion-proof electric apparatus industry. The manufacturing enterprises for explosion-proof electric apparatus will meet a broad market and the expert analysis and predict that the demand for big capacity and intelligent sets of electrical apparatus will maintain its annual growth above 20%. It means explosion-proof electric apparatus industry will have a huge potential market in China.

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