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Gold and silver awards are not as good as customer's praise for -JWAT 402

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1. Quality is the cornerstone of a product's foothold: 

People often say "natural selection, survival of the fittest". Today's world is an open world, with turbulent development waves and unstoppable entrepreneurial awareness. To ride the wind and waves in the competition and remain invincible, an enterprise must rely on the excellent product quality of the enterprise.


"Gold and silver awards are not as good as customer's praise, and gold and silver cups are not as good as customer's word of mouth." This shows the importance of quality to an enterprise. If any brand or famous brand is to be favored by everyone, the most fundamental thing is to open up the quality, good quality and stability. Quality is the cornerstone of a product's foothold.


2. Quality is the life source of an enterprise:

If water is the source of life, then quality is the life of an enterprise. Enterprises rely on quality to survive. If any enterprise wants to gain a foothold among its peers, if it does not pay attention to quality and reputation, the consequences will be unimaginable.


The embankment of a thousand miles is destroyed by ant nests. Just imagine that if our factory does not strictly control the quality, it will produce substandard products. If the product is put into the market, it will inevitably damage the interests of consumers and the image of the company will plummet. , it is inevitable that the product will be unsalable.


3. Quality concept The magic weapon for winning the market competition:

The quality concept is the fundamental concept and persistent pursuit of enterprises to continuously improve the service brand awareness and customer satisfaction, and strengthen the construction of quality culture by controlling product quality. The scientific quality concept is the magic weapon and cornerstone to support the enterprise to win the market competition. Such as Haier Group's quality concept: "Unqualified products are waste products".


4. Quality is the dignity of an enterprise and all its employees:

After China's economic growth peaked in 2011, traditional manufacturing industries generally faced the pressure of changing from a seller's market to a buyer's market, with excess capacity and fierce competition. Product quality has become the most important factor in commodity competition. Quality is not only the life of an enterprise, but also the dignity of an enterprise and all its employees.


5. Quality is the "golden key" of enterprise development:

Any enterprise can sit back and relax after seeking survival without high-quality products. The tree wants to be quiet but the wind does not stop. An enterprise is like a tree, and the development trend is like a hurricane. If the enterprise is not enterprising, then even if you are a towering tree, it is hard to resist the wind and the disaster.

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