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Good method for construction of smart tunnel emergency telephone broadcasting system

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Good method for construction of smarttunnel emergency telephonebroadcasting system


During the excavation and construction of the tunnel, there are complex on-site environments, noisy sounds, many unsafe factors, and no mobile signal. In the tunnel production scheduling process and emergency rescue command, it is necessary to maintain smooth communication conditions. Therefore, it is necessary to have a dedicated tunnel emergency telephone communication system to satisfy the communication between the working surface and the tunnel monitoring room on duty. Therefore, the tunnel broadcasting system is also the infrastructure of expressway construction.


1.The emergency telephonein the cave is wall-mounted, and its back and the inner wall of the tunnel emergency telephone are fastened and connected through a mechanical structure, without shaking, and the vertical angle deviation is less than or equal to 5°. The emergency telephone at the entrance of the cave is floor type. The telephone inside the cave and the emergency telephone at the entrance of the cave are shown in the picture


2. The tunnel power amplifier is wall-mounted, generally in the same case as the emergency telephone, its back and the inner wall of the tunnel emergency telephone cavern are tightly connected by a mechanical structure, installed together with the emergency telephone or placed in it and grounded.


3. The telephone adopts hands-free button type, which should be easy and reliable to use.


4. Eye-catching reflective signs and numbered signs or sign light boxes should be installed on the upper side of the emergency telephone and tunnel broadcasting chamber.


5. On the upper part of the telephone casing, there should be a directional reflective sign indicating emergency calls in the direction of welcoming and sending vehicles.


6. There should be instructions or patterns for operation and use on the shell, and the expression should be simple and clear.


7. The upper part of the telephone casing should have an obvious serial number mark of the telephone.

JWAT307 (30) - 副本 

Second, the characteristics of the construction method:


1. The construction method is mature and the application range is wide. This construction method is compiled according to the tunnel emergency telephone and broadcasting system commonly used in expressways. The construction method is mature and the application range is wide. It is instructive and reference for other emergency telephones and broadcasting systems.


2. Strong operability This construction method meets the requirements of standardized operations, complete process flow, unified process standards, and strong operability.


3. Safety, environmental protection, and quality control The specifications, programs, and quality of the equipment used in the tunnel emergency telephone and broadcasting system should be strictly inspected before use, and should meet the requirements of drawings, designs, specifications, and standards (JTG F80/2-2004). Any quality problems found should be dealt with in a timely manner.


4. High work efficiency. The equipment installation in strict accordance with the installation and construction procedures has high work efficiency, especially when the time left for electromechanical construction is not long before opening to traffic, it is of great significance. Scope of application: This construction method is suitable for the construction of new construction, expansion and reconstruction of tunnel emergency telephone and broadcasting system, and has a good reference and guiding role for the construction of tunnel emergency telephone and broadcasting system. Process principle: The power amplifier of the tunnel emergency phone is loaded with the speaker, and the required power is determined according to the number of speakers. Because the number of tunnel emergency phones and the number of broadcast amplifiers are inconsistent with the number of speakers, the cable should be laid according to The number of power amplifiers and the number of speakers should be laid out reasonably to meet the needs of functional use. The key is the splicing of each emergency telephone optical splitter and optical cable. Before fusing, the optical splitter should be selected according to the drawings. After fusing, the optical splitter should be stored in the splice box and sealed well.


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