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Happy New Year---Annual meeting of Ningbo Joiwo Explosion proof Technology Co., LTD

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On the afternoon of January 9, 2020, the annual meeting  of Ningbo Joiwo Explosion proof Technology Co., LTD was grandly held in the New Huang Chao  Hotel.  More than 100 staff members gathered together to enjoy this annual.


Our  General  Manager Zhu Shuangshui  address the meeting: "In the past year, with the joint efforts of all my colleagues, the company's indutrial telephone & keypad & handset & hook switch business has maintained continuous and steady development and achieved good results. These achievements belong  to every employee, and the future will be even more brilliant. "

Summarize the company's performance in 2019 and the position of the company's products in the market, as well as list the company's new goals to be completed in 2020, and raise the product technology and the brand of Joiwo to open a new peak in 20 years.


This annual meeting is mainly made of three parts as below


1.Wonderful show exhibition

Various departments of the company prepared more than ten programs for this annual meeting and carefully rehearsed. Not only did they perform well in their work, they also showed professional performance standards in talent display. The scene was warm and mellow. Musical songs full of affection, funny sketches, made my colleagues here laugh and sometimes applaud ... The stage was full of cheers and laughter, passion and strength.


2.Awards ceremony

The splendid achievements in the past year can not be separated from the hard work of all people. At this commendation meeting, many awards including outstanding employees have been successively given to commend outstanding employees.


3.Red envelopes continue to surprise

The red envelope link has always been a highly anticipated reserved item in the annual meeting. In order to allow the employees at the meeting to return with a full load, the general manager Zhu Shuangshui  prepared a large number of high-value red envelopes at the tea party. Send warmly, thunderous applause and laughter.


Looking forward to 2020, we  will continue to unite under the correct guidance of the general manager Zhu Shuangshui and continue to write a new chapter.

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