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How to set the industrial IP telephone on the website?

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How to set theindustrial IP telephoneon the website?


When you got the newindustrial Voip telephones,how to set them on the website?When both the device and your computer are successfully connected to the network, enter the IP address of the WAN port of the device on the browser (the IP address of the device can be obtained through the IP scanning tool) , you can see Go to the login screen of the web management interface (as shown in the figure below). Enter the user name and password and click the [Login] button to enter the setting screen.


The browser settings of the device can be divided into two login modes: user mode and administrator mode. In administrator mode, you can view and modify all options, while in user mode, you can only view but not modify related SIP (1-2 ) option and the address and port of the server. When the device is prompted to enter a password, entering different information will enter different modes:


Then you can do the settings of Web page function explanation,like basic settings of Status display,Configuration Wizard,language settings,Time setting.Then do the Network settings,VOIP(SIP),Intercom settings of Function key settings,Voice,Function.


Ningbo JoiwoExplosin-proof,specialized in the production ofIP telephonesand analog telephones forindustrial arealike oil exploitation,chemical industry,prison,tunnel etc.We manufacture most of the parts by ourselves(handset,keypad,hanger etc).We also can teach you how to set the industrial IP telephone on the website.


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