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Introduction of new analog weatherproof emergency telephone JWAT209 with SOS button -WAT209

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Ningbo Joiwo  has developed new analog  weatherproof   emergency telephone JWAT209 with SOS button.


This  is  our  new  model, new design, use cord rolled steel  material ,  the protection class easily reach  IP65. keypad and hook all waterproof, without any gaps.The weatherproof intercom phone is usually used  for Tunnels, Mining, Marine, Underground, Metro stations, Railway platform, Highway side, Hotels, Parking lots, Steel Plants, Chemical plants, Power plants and related heavy duty industrial application, etc.


Below is the main features of JWAT209 for your reference.



1.Cord rolled steel shell, high mechanical strength and strong impact resistance.

2.Standard Analogue phone. 

3.Heavy Duty handset with hearing Aid compatible receiver. 

4.Weather proof protection to IP65.

5.Strong Zinc Alloy keypad.One SOS speed dial button.

6.Auto-dial when handset picked up and the emergency phone number can be set as requested.

7.Wall mounted, Simple installation.

8.Connection: RJ11 screw terminal pair cable.

9.Multiple housings and colors.

10. Self-made telephone spare part available. 

11. CE, FCC, RoHS, ISO9001 compliant.

Are you looking for industrial weatherproof telephone for any project ?

Ningbo Joiwo Explosionproof  warmly welcome your inquiry, with professional R&D and years of experienced engineers, we can also tailor our solution to meet your specific business needs.


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