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Introduction of the waterproof connectors for industrial telephone

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Waterproof connectors are a very broad and diverse range of products, and they are designed to meet an equally broad range of applications and environments.


The role of a connector, when mated, is to transfer electrical current between two cables, or a cable and a device. Elementary physics teaches us that electricity and water do not work well together, and this poses a number of challenges when it comes to using electrical equipment around water. However, with the exponential increase of electric and electronic equipment in our daily lives, it is no surprise to see the number of applications requiring waterproof electrical connectors taking off, and their engineering requirements range from simple to highly complex.

Because the industrial field involves a variety of harsh application environments, the performance requirements of waterproof connectors used in the industrial field are very high. The waterproof connector usually has multiple levels of models to choose from. The rating is IPXX to distinguish. The two Xs mainly mean the division of dustproof and waterproof performance.

Connector protection class:

IP65 waterproof connector: It means that it can withstand water spray.

IP66 waterproof connector: It means that it can withstand strong water spray and can be used in the cabin and other environments.

IP67 waterproof connector: represents the meaning of being able to withstand intelligent short-term water immersion.

IP68 waterproof connector: It means that it can be submerged in water for a long time.

Applications requiring waterproof connectors:

Outdoor lighting is a great example of applications that require waterproof connectors in order to avoid damage to the equipment and connector from dust, rain or snow. In this case, we would refer to the requirements as weatherproof. Weatherproof connectors are typically sealed on the receptacle side since the receptacle is mounted on the equipment. The IP rating (Ingress Protection) should be at least IP65 to prevent the penetration of dust and water, at least sufficiently to ensure the safe operation of the equipment. Anything above IP65 will also be suitable, but in terms of optimising your costs, you might want to ensure that you are not over-specifying, especially since higher performance connectors can cost more.


Of course, lighting is an example but any outdoors equipment that may be exposed to harsh weather conditions will benefit from this level of protection. Other examples include stage equipment, security cameras, and traffic management equipment. Since these are outdoor applications, resistance to UVs might also be required, because exposure to sunlight can alter the colour and sometimes mechanical properties of certain materials.


Medical environments are quite specific as equipment may be subjected to unique conditions. In order to minimise risks of contamination and the spread of bacteria or viruses, medical equipment needs to be cleaned and sterilised on a regular basis.


A common sterilisation technique found in medical facilities and laboratories is the use of Autoclaves, which are chambers that sterilise using steam at 134°C during 3 minutes (or alternatively 121°C during 15-20 minutes). When placed into the Autoclave for sterilisation, the equipment must be taken apart and laid out to allow the steam to reach every corner and surface. This means that to ensure optimal safety, medical equipment, connectors included if fitted, should be able to withstand such damp heat conditions. Therefore, if you are looking for connectors that can maintain their performance, you will want to identify products that are not sensitive to thermal expansion and water absorption, since certain types of materials including various plastics can change properties and even melt at temperatures lower than 134°C. Considering these high requirements for water ingress protection, it would be recommended to have connectors with an IP rating of at least IP68 in mated and unmated condition because they will need to be unmated during the sterilisation process.


Other requirements for medical equipment will most likely include the manufacturer's compliance with ISO13485, with the United States' Food & Drug Administration (FDA) and CE approval for the European Union.

The connector size :


Our industrial telephone like Explosionproof telephone and Weatherproof telephone usually use 3 kinds of connector size : G3/4 ,PG11 ,M20 according to customer's demand.

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