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Introduction to explosion-proof knowledge and practical application of explosion-proof telephones

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Introduction to explosion-proof knowledge and practical application ofexplosion-proof telephones

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1.Basic outline of explosion-proof knowledge

Any location with a potential explosion hazard is a hazardous location. But in petroleum, chemical industry, coal and other production fields, explosive dangerous environment will inevitably be formed. The basic conditions for explosion, also known as the explosion triangle principle, are:flammable substances, air (oxygen), ignition source (electric spark, hot surface).


Then avoiding the formation of an explosive environment, eliminating possible sources of danger, and limiting one or several elements can all meet the explosion-proof requirements.


Gas and vapor explosion hazard environments are divided into Zone 0, Zone 1 and Zone 2 according to the frequency and duration of explosive mixtures.

Zone 0 (level 0 hazardous area) refers to the area where explosive gas, vapor or mist appears continuously or for a long time or frequently in a short time during normal operation.

Zone 1 (Level 1 hazardous area) refers to the area where explosive gas, vapor or mist may appear (expected periodically or occasionally) during normal operation.

Zone 2 (Level 2 Hazardous Area) Refers to the area where explosive gas, vapor or mist may appear occasionally for a short period of time even if it does not appear during normal operation.


2.Overview of explosion-proof telephones

Explosion-proof telephones are used in flammable and explosive places such as power plants and chemical plants. According to the special explosion-proof structure design, they can still work safely in complex, harsh and explosive environments. It is the terminal equipment of explosion-proof communication system and has the basic functions of ordinary telephone. 

3. Product Features

◆The telephone can form an independent communication system with the program-controlled exchange and dispatching server.

◆Can be directly connected to the telecommunications network

◆After the call system is formed, each phone is an independent workstation, and one of them fails

Does not affect the work of the entire system

◆The patented design of the phone shell is waterproof and dust-proof, no need for a waterproof cover, beautiful and practical.

◆The internal circuit of the telephone adopts the international common double-sided integrated circuit, which has the advantages of accurate number sending and call clear, stable work and other advantages.

Aluminum alloy die-casting shell, high mechanical strength, strong impact resistance.

◆High-temperature electrostatic plastic spraying on the surface of the shell, good anti-static ability and eye-catching color.

4.Technical indicators of explosion-proof telephone

Ambient temperature: -45+60℃

Relative humidity:≤95%

Atmospheric pressure: 80110 kPa

Environmental noise:≤60dB

         Explosion-proof mark: ExdibⅡBT6

Protection class: IP67

Working frequency: 3003400 Hz

Ringing tone level:≥70 dB

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5. Practical application cases


Ningbo Joiwo Explosion-proof,specialized in the production of explosion-proof/waterproof telephones, jail phones and other vandal resistant public telephones for more than 17 years.


We manufacture most of the parts by ourselves(handset,keypad,hanger etc).We have all kinds of machines doing moulding,injection,die casting,hardware machining.Our telephones are widely used in oil exploitation,chemical industry,prison,tunnel etc.As a reliable supplier , we can provide you with high-quality products and good after-sales service.


Ningbo Joiwo Explosionproof Science & Technology Co., LTD         


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