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IP railway network underground pipe gallery waterproof moisture-proof telephone for tunnel

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Urban rail tunnel dispatching telephone

Urban rail transit special  telephone

IP network waterproof and moisture-proof telephone

 Function description:

1. Wall-mounted installation, beautiful appearance.

2. BMC forged shell, waterproof and dustproof grade reaches IP67.

3. Support SIP2.0 protocol, can register two SIP accounts.

4. Support free dialing or off-hook automatic dialing.

5. Support for automatic connection of incoming calls and start broadcasting.

6. Support AC or DC power supply.

7. Support the detection of busy tone receiving line.

8. Support audio output interface, which can be connected with active speakers for broadcasting (customization).

9. Support I/O signal input and output interface.

10.Backlight keypad.

Operation :

1. Off-hook/on-hook mode: the off-hook/on-hook mode is the handle control mode, the off-hook is connected, and the on-hook is disconnected;

2. Answer the call: When there is an incoming call, the phone rings, remove the handle, you can talk to the other party, and hang up the handle after the call is complete;

3. Make a call: Take off the handle, operate according to the dialing method of a normal telephone, and talk to the other party;

Main technical parameters:

1. Support access to various types of network switches and SIP broadcast dispatch servers.

2. Temperature: -40℃~75℃ Relative humidity: 10%~95% Atmospheric pressure: 86~106 Kpa Environmental noise: ≤100dB(A)

3. Ring tone level: ≥120Db.

4. Support standard SIP2.0 protocol, waterproof Gland RJ45 interface.

5. Support POE power supply or city power supply (optional).

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