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Joiwo Elevator Emergency Telephone

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Joiwo Elevator Emergency Phone


Nowadays, we may use elevators wherever we go, such as office buildings, hospitals, shopping malls, schools, residential quarters, etc.

In the elevator, the floor buttons of the elevator are usually used, and the emergency calls in the elevator are often ignored and do not know how to use them. However, there is often no signal in the elevator, so as an emergency phone, when the elevator breaks down, it is the only communication tool that can contact the outside world and call for rescue. So knowing and being familiar with how to use the elevator emergency phone may save your life in an emergency.

Usually the elevator emergency phone  is made of stainless steel, which is anti-theft, anti-vandalism, waterproof and anti-corrosion.


When the elevator breaks down, first of all, don't panic, calm down, and use the emergency phone for help. Elevator emergency calls are generally hands-free, as long as you press the emergency button, you will be dialed to the elevator control room, try to turn up the volume of the microphone and speaker, and explain your location and the current emergency situation to the staff, Then wait patiently for help.


There is also an emergency phone consisting of a handset and a keyboard, but it must also have an emergency button.

Joiwo Explosin-proof,specialized in the production of explosion-proof/waterproof phones, jail phones and other vandal resistant public phones for more than 17 years. We have many model for customers choice.


JWAT401  is a conventional hands-free emergency phone.

JWAT401 (2)


JWAT145  is composed of a handset and a keyboard.




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