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Joiwo Highway emergency telephone

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JoiwoHighway emergency telephone

Highway emergency telephoneis a special line that only goes to the highway traffic control center.

There are also some differences between alarm telephones and rescue telephones. Their telephone categories are different, their composition is different, and their dialing methods are different. Therefore, through these aspects, high-speed emergency telephones can be distinguished from rescue telephones.

1. Different categories: A high-speed emergency phone is an entity, while a rescue phone is a number.

2. Different composition: On the highway, an emergency telephone will be set up every distance for the vehicle to request traction in case of failure, or for the alarm in case of accident. The rescue number is national and is used in some parts of the highway.

3. Different dialing methods: high-speed emergency telephone in general use without dialing, the panel of the telephone is provided with a button, just need to press the button to talk with the traffic command center. Before the call, you should confirm the number of miles, time, vehicle fault situation, accident scale, casualties, etc., so that relevant departments can make overall arrangements. A rescue phone is a number that you need to dial manually for help.

Joiwo highway emergency waterproof telephone -- JWAT209. Cold rolled steel shell, protection grade IP65, high mechanical strength, high impact resistance; Heavy duty handset with hearing aid compatible receiver and strong zinc alloy keyboard; Easy to install.




Ningbo Joiwo Explosion-proof,specialized in the production of explosion-proof/waterproof telephones, jail phones and other vandal resistant public telephones for more than 17 years.


We manufacture most of the parts by ourselves(handset,keypad,hanger etc).We have all kinds of machines doing moulding,injection,die casting,hardware machining.Our telephones are widely used in oil exploitation,chemical industry,prison,tunnel etc.As a reliable supplier , we can provide you with high-quality products and good after-sales service.


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