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Joiwo IP telephone with multiple functions

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Joiwo IP phone include Waterproof IP phone / Explosion-proof IP phone / Vandal Resistant IP Phone.

The protocol of interconnection between IP (Internet Protocol) networks, that is, the protocol designed for the communication of computer networks to each other, and the IP telephone is the main communication protocol with IP network protocol, and the network port (or WiFi) is The main interface, an independent telephone device with dialing and calling functions, usually needs to be used with the IPPBX telephone switch or with the IMS. Simply speaking, it is a real-time voice transmission service through the Internet. It is a new communication technology that uses the Internet to transmit voice as a medium for voice communication.

     In the past, IP telephony was mainly used in the intranet of large companies. Technicians could reuse the same network to provide data and voice services. In addition to simplifying management, they could increase productivity. Because of its low communication costs (internet communication fee of 6 cents per cent per minute, and the international communication fee for ordinary telephones, which costs more than ten yuan per minute), it is also called a cheap phone.

Nowadays, the market has already made IP phone products. This kind of product basically combines the ordinary telephone and the voice gateway. The account number and password are authenticated by the mac address of the softswitch server through the telephone, and all the calls can be made through the network cable. At the same time, the internal telephone is free, and the general IP telephone has the following functions:

1. Call Control Protocol: Support SIP protocol or H323 protocol,

2. Voice coding support: G.711, G723.1, G.729A,

3, clear voice, QoS voice guarantee

4, adapt to various network environments, truly penetrate NAT function

5, support PPP / PPPoE protocol, support automatic dialing, disconnection redial function

6, support for DNS, DHCP protocol

7, support static, dynamic IP address, support IP address intelligent learning function

8, support Web management, Telnet, TFTP loading

9, support DTMF transceiver number

10, support calling number identification CID

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