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Joiwo outstanding performance of jail telephone in prison JWAT133/JWAT137

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Ningbo Joiwo have worked with many users, and they have provided us with rich examples and inspirations.


A customer from the Americas ordered our prison phone to be installed in the prison. Three months later, our company conducted an after-sales investigation of the customer's use of the product. The customer's response surprised us. And, he told us a real case.


After Joiwo products were installed in the prison, more and more people started to call. One day, a prisoner wanted to call home, but queued in front of the phone for nearly 2 hours. The increasingly irritable prisoner pulled the collar of the man in front of him and fought with him. The people around couldn't avoid it, and several became innocent pads!


The two prisoners were fighting with high spirits and high spirits. As time passed, their fighting became more and more fierce!

"Bang Dang"...


It turned out that their phone dropped! ! ! !


The pupils of the others quaked, and a few strides rushed to pick up the phone!

As a result, the phone that was hit hard was intact!

They glanced at each other, and invariably followed the logo of the phone, which read Joiwo!


As a domestic veteran supplier, Joiwo has a history of 15 years and has cooperated with many companies at home and abroad. Joiwo's products are widely used in industries, chemical plants, medical facilities and prisons.



Joiwo currently has two main prison telephones. The models are JWAT145 and JWAT137. They are made of 304 stainless steel, which is strong and anti-violent. They are analog jail telephones with independent systems with monitoring and forced hang-up functions. They are used in prisons and drug rehabilitation. The best choice for the venue.


If you have any needs, please consult on Joiwo's official website.

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