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Joiwo Telephones with Loudspeakers

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The Telephone with Loudspeaker is a telephone that combines the telephone and the broadcasting function to realize remote scheduling and remote broadcasting functions. Because there are many working environments in China, they are particularly harsh and extremely noisy, such as power plants, mining mines for blasting operations, near airport terminals, and particularly noisy factories. In the event of an emergency, ordinary telephones or mobile phones have become furnishings, how to quickly get in touch with field operators, and how to achieve remote scheduling is still important.

Specific requirements:

1. The Telephone with Loudspeaker must have anti-noise function, that is, noise filtering, and the other party must be able to hear the sound of the scene;

2. The Telephone with Loudspeaker must be equipped with a high-powered speaker. When there is a telephone access, the speaker must be able to remind the operator on site;

3. When the on-site operator is unable to answer the call, the phone must be able to start itself and broadcast on the spot through the speaker to realize remote broadcasting and remote scheduling;

4. After the call is over, you must be able to hang up automatically for the next time.


1. The telephone has anti-noise function, the earpiece has directionality and can filter environmental noise;

2, 5 times after ringing, automatically turn on, and the phone sound is amplified by the speaker to realize live broadcast;

3. When someone picks up the handset, the speaker is automatically cut off;

4. After the call system is formed, the product has an automatic gain function, and the size of the voice does not decrease with the length of the distance or the number of the phone.

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