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Main Features of Tunnel Emergency Phone and Broadcasting

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Main Features ofTunnel Emergency Phoneand Broadcasting

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1. System network management and remote maintenance


Due to the use of IP networking, the network management and remote maintenance of the equipment can be carried out theoretically anywhere in the world, which greatly improves the efficiency of troubleshooting and maintenance. The IP address, telephone number, FSK or DTMF format of the equipment can be remotely set through IE, and the center Parameters such as phone numbers.


2. Combined with thetunnel broadcasting system, unified control and management


The tunnel emergency telephone and the tunnel extension of the broadcasting system can output the tunnel broadcasting control signal, and the external broadcasting power amplifier can directly drive the strong pointing speaker. At this time, the broadcasting extension of the tunnel emergency telephone and the tunnel broadcasting can work simultaneously, and the sub-center can carry out "program-controlled" broadcasting and detection of the tunnel broadcasting.


3. The tunnel emergency telephone and radio can use both hands-free and handle calls at the same time, suitable for all kinds of people


The hands-free call method of theIP emergency phoneonly needs one-button operation, and the call can be realized. The sound is bright and clear. The sound pressure at 40 cm in front of the speaker reaches 90DB. The MIC has high sensitivity and is convenient for hands-free calls. The handle system will automatically connect to the phone, which is easy to use without dialing, and can be used normally by both the elderly and children.


4. The emergency telephone and radio in the tunnel have a backup power supply, which can still be used normally after a power failure


As an emergency communication system, a backup power supply is necessary. The IP emergency telephone is equipped with a backup power supply. When there is 220V AC power supply, the device uses AC power supply and charges the battery. When the 220V AC power supply is cut off, the device automatically switches to the battery power supply state. The equipment can still be used normally. Note: The battery capacity is limited. Please restore the AC power supply in time after a power failure.


5. Intelligent statistics and query


The on-duty staff can conduct various statistical inquiries on traffic accidents and equipment failures on the operation management computer, and can conduct classified statistical inquiries based on comprehensive factors such as time, location, accident type, vehicle type, or equipment failure type. The statistical query results are classified by various Graphic display and printout. By inquiring about the emergency telephone broadcasting equipment, the overall operation of the system can be grasped at any time, and the traffic condition of the road can be understood in time by inquiring about traffic accidents.


6. Using IP transmission mode, the construction is simple and easy to expand and maintain. Traditional emergency telephones use cable, optical fiber and other transmission methods, which need to lay special communication cables. Construction and networking are difficult and communication will be suspended if the cable is broken. , The IP emergency telephone broadcasting system adopts IP networking, which is flexible and reliable. Where there is IP, you can add it as you like, and the IP packet has a routing function. If one channel is blocked or interrupted, other channels can be selected to continue transmission, and the transmission is reliable. High reliability, and the internationally common IP network technology has a powerful network diagnosis function, and remote troubleshooting and maintenance can be carried out conveniently and quickly after communication and terminal equipment failures.


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