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"One-button push call phone"in subway station

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There is so many  experience when taking the subway: repeatedly swiping the card to get in and out of the station, luggage is too large to pass the gate, and manual recharge or ticket replacement is required. It is learned from Wuxi Metro Group that in order to improve the efficiency of passengers entering the station, all stations of Lines 1 and 2 have added "one-button push call phones". If passengers need to quickly ask the station staff for help during the journey, they can go to the customer service center to dial Call the station staff to quickly solve travel problems.

industrial one push help point emergency telephone intercom 

At the Liangxi Bridge Station of Metro Line 2, the reporter saw the newly added "one-button call phone". This white, compact phone is set up at the window of the station's customer service center, and the message "You speak if you have something to do, you don't need to dial the phone directly" on the phone body. There is a "one-key call" button in the center of the phone. You can communicate with the staff on duty in the station control room by simply picking up the microphone and pressing the button in two simple steps.


According to the person in charge of the Passenger Transport Service Department of Wuxi Metro Operation Company, in the past, passengers often rushed to the station and could not enter or exit the station by swiping the gates. At this time, they are often patrolling the station hall or helping other passengers but not in the customer service center. Taking into account the timely resolution of passenger problems and improving station service efficiency, Wuxi Metro installed a "one-key call phone" in the customer service center of Line 1 and 2 stations. When passengers encounter difficulties and want to quickly contact the station staff, they only need to pick it up. The microphone gently presses the button, and the staff will ask passengers' needs through the device, answer their questions in time, and go to the scene as soon as possible to provide assistance to the passengers.


"One-button push help point emergency call" is a heart-warming measure of the Metro Group to improve services. Since the opening of the subway, the Metro Group has listened to passengers’ opinions and suggestions through various forms such as service hotlines, online platforms, and opinion books, and launched mobile service points, Caring relay network services, family toilets and other continuous service projects, will continue to launch various convenient service measures in the future to make the service more warm.


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