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Road tunnels safety

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In recent years, safety in road tunnels has become a major issue globally. More and more tunnels have been constructed to develop new road network through mountainous ranges or to avoid environmental problems in urban areas. 

Generally speaking, fewer accidents occur in tunnels than on open roads. However, if an accident occurs in a tunnel, the impact is often much greater th an on open roads. The consequences of a tunnel incident can be extremely destructive and dangerous, especially in the event of a fire, because the enclosed space hinders the dissipation of heat and smoke. In addition, access limitations for firefighting and rescue operation, difficulty in ensuring safe escape route of the tunnel users from an enclosed space increase the severity of the accident seriously.

 Fires in tunnels not only endanger the lives of tunnel users, they can also cause the damage to the tunnel structure with the very prejudicial consequences on the capital represented by the tunnel. In view of this, it is essential to prevent accidents in tunnels and provide adequate measures for tunnel users to communicate with emergency services to be rescued by fire brigade.

 Unfortunately, there is no such thing as absolute safety in road tunnels. Therefore, public road administrators must make every effort to reduce the risks to the greatest extent possible. 

Our solution for tunnel emergency communication offers a complete  system that handles all stages of critical communication between tunnel users and emergency services.

Our communications solution for tunnels makes all critical-communication systems easy to use for operators in both local or remote traffic management centers, while ensuring compliance with tunnel regulations. In an emergency situation, the fire call panels can take control of the communication. Priorities are programmed accordingly in our emergency communication solutions, ensuring that critical instructions and messages are heard and understood by the correct recipients.

Ningbo Joiwo is a professional company specialising on manufacturing SOS weatherproof telephone / VoIP tunnel emergency telephones. Ningbo Joiwo started their business based around the need for modern tunnel safety telephones in 2005, and has been involved at the cutting edge of these developments ever since. The company has significant experience installing robust VoIP emergency roadside telephones inside some of the harshest road tunnel environments in domestic and overseas. Having so many remote tunnels in China and overseas have driven the need to develop technology that also can be monitored from afar, ensuring that the ERT system actually work if a serious accident were to happen.

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