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Science introduction to common sense of industrial telephone

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Science introduction to common sense ofindustrial telephone 

The telephone has a history of more than 140 years since Bell invented it in 1876.


Industrial telephones belong to one of the special telephone classifications under the category of fixed telephones in telephones. Most of the phone models are wall-mounted.


As the name suggests, industrial telephones are industrial-grade products. Compared with civilian products, the design concept, selected materials, built-in integrated circuits, protection test levels, and adaptable environmental temperature and humidity are all strengthened at different levels.



Functional definition, can be divided intoindustrial waterproof phone, industrial explosion-proof phone, industrial protection phone

In addition,industrial explosion-proof telephonesare divided into two categories according to the structure type: explosion-proof type and intrinsically safe type.

Application scenario definition, divided into nuclear power industrial telephone, hydropower industrial telephone, thermal power industrial telephone, tunnel industrial telephone (pipe gallery telephone), mining industrial telephone, chemical industrial telephone, etc.

JWAT307 (30) - 副本 

2standard definition:

It is roughly divided into standard analog telephones, IP telephones (VOIP/SIP/optical telephones are derived from IP telephones)


3Airframe material:

Two major categories Metal and non-metal types

Metal: Aluminum alloy, cold rolled iron, stainless steel

Non-metal: ABS high strength, SMC composite glass fiber reinforced plastic, DMC composite glass fiber reinforced plastic


4Protection level:

Dustproof and waterproof rating

"GB4208-2008 Shell Protection Level"

IP54, IP65, IP66, IP67 four common protection grades and the highest IP68 grade


5Two categories of explosion-proof grades

Coal explosion-proof

"MT209-1990 General technical requirements for electrical and electronic products for coal mine communication, detection and control"

"GB3836.1-2010 Explosive Atmospheres Part 1: General Requirements for Equipment"

"GB3836.4-2010 Explosive Atmospheres Part 4: Equipment Protected by Intrinsically Safe "i"

Chemical explosion-proof

"GB 12476.1-2013 Electrical Equipment for Combustible Dust Environment Part 1: General Requirements"

"GB3836.1-2010 Explosive Atmospheres Part 1: General Requirements for Equipment"

"GB3836.2-2000 Electrical Equipment for Explosive Gas Environment Part 2: Flameproof Type"

"GB 3836.4-2010 Explosive Atmospheres Part 4: Equipment Protected by Intrinsically Safe "i"

JWBT811 (10) 


Industrial telephones started from industrially developed countries in Europe and the United States. After the unremitting efforts of domestic manufacturers, they have established a firm foothold in the field of basic industrial protection, and have obvious international comprehensive competitiveness. The key breakthrough direction in the next stage is to strive to be in line with German FHF and American Gai-tronics, and strive to cooperate with international manufacturers in the field of deep-sea ship communication, offshore oil engineering, combustible ice exploration, drilling platforms and other high-strength, high-standard and difficult communication fields as soon as possible. Compete on the same stage.

Ningbo Joiwo Explosion-proofhopes that domestic friends and businessmen, solution providers, component module manufacturers, material suppliers, system integrators and other colleagues from all walks of life will cooperate sincerely to realize Chinese standard private network communication system and special communication equipment in the global industrial pattern. Overtaking target.

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