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The application significance of fiber optic telephones in pipe gallery

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The application significance of fiber optic telephones in pipe gallery


In the case of normal operation of the pipe gallery, the  pipe gallery telephone  is indeed dispensable. Although the system can communicate with the external public network, no one wants to chat on the phone with friends in the pipe gallery. Only in rare cases can operation and maintenance personnel communicate with the outside world through the  landline system.


But this is under normal operating conditions, but the pipe gallery will not always operate normally. If this is the case, the pipe gallery will lose its meaning of existence - to solve the zipper problem of urban roads.


Due to some reasons such as the maintenance of each entrance pipe in the pipe gallery and the maintenance of the pipe gallery itself, in addition to its own operation and maintenance personnel, a large number of professionals must work in the pipe gallery. 


It is impossible to have mobile phone signal coverage in the pipe gallery, so the fixed-line communication system has become the only external communication system for these temporary personnel to enter the pipe gallery, becoming a communication support system for them to complete their work and providing efficient communication.

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At the same time, as the length of the pipe gallery increases and the types of pipes entering the pipe gallery increase, more and more temporary personnel will enter the pipe gallery to work. Because of this, there will be an increasing reliance on the communication support system in the pipe gallery.


Therefore, the fixed network communication system in the pipe gallery is not a dispensable system, nor is it an emergency telephone dispatching system, but an important communication support system related to the efficiency of the pipe gallery operation and maintenance.

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