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The difference between IP PBX and traditional PBX

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The difference between IP PBX and traditional PBX

1. Compared with the traditional switch, the IP telephone switch has a recording function. This function is relatively more practical. The traditional switch needs to record, add other equipment, and jumper wires, which is relatively troublesome, and Maintenance costs are also high.

2. Wiring. In the original telephone exchange, each extension needs to be pulled from the workstation to the computer room. Now it is different. All voice information can be transmitted through the network, so that the network cable can also be used, and one The network cable does not mean that only one SIP phone can be used. In theory, there is no limit.

For example, there is a room that was not originally designed as an office location. Now it needs to be used for office work. According to the original traditional switchboard, wiring is required. If there are 20-30 people, you have to pull so many telephone lines from the computer room. It can be used with only one network cable. With one network cable, we connect a small network switch to realize the network and telephone at the same time.

3. Cross-regional collaborative office;

Example: the head office is in Shanghai, and the branch offices are in Beijing, Guangzhou, Chengdu. We can set up an IPPBX in Shanghai. At the same time, in the Shanghai company, we apply for a fixed IP address, so that we can let the calls of these branches machine, directly registered to the server in Shanghai, calling out through the line of the Shanghai company, and calling in from external users, you can also directly find the person you are looking for, such as a colleague from the technical department or a colleague from the business department;

4. Intelligent application;

The call records of all extensions can be saved in the server. As long as the server has enough capacity, the call records of all extensions can be kept in the hard disk of the server. Moreover, the recording content can also be saved in the server. The device has its own memory, but only 16G. For large customers, we need to save the recording in the server, so that our phone recording can be stored in it for a longer period of time. Moreover, centralized server recording can be performed on other IPPBXs in the branch office;

Mobile APP, on your mobile phone, download an APP that supports the SIP protocol, and it can be registered on the IPPBX, so that your mobile phone becomes an extension machine, and you can directly call colleagues on your mobile phone, also in the office The colleagues among them can directly transfer the call to you.


5. Various application scenarios;

IPPBX can serve the hotel, it can be connected with the hotel management system, so that the hotel can realize some specific functions, such as scheduled wake-up, real-time extension management;

It can be applied to roads, schools, hospitals and other scenarios; Nursing homes, IPPBX, can realize video calls, as long as a SIP phone with video function is installed, the video intercommunication between the phone and the mobile phone, and between the phone and the phone can be realized.

At the same time, it can also be used in ships, so that the Internet and satellites can be used to make Internet phone calls, which can reduce communication costs.


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