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The main advantage of 4G telephone system

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The main advantage of4G telephonesystem

As a new generation of communication technology, 4G, whose faster speed of wireless communication technology has gained more and more favor, has also promoted the scale expansion and leapfrog development of China's communication industry. 4G communication has many advantages, including:

1. Faster communication speed. The core of modern mobile communication is speed, speed is everything, and one of the advantages of 4G communication system technology is that it is faster, so people are impressed.

2. Network spectrum width. According to the experts who study 4G mobile communication, it is estimated that each 4G channel will occupy 100MHz of spectrum, equivalent to 20 times of W-CDMA3G network.

3. Flexible communication. Reflected in the 4G communication technology in the design and operation of the total section of equipment to achieve intelligence, automation, communication more smooth and clear.

4. High quality communication. 4G system should be superior in coverage, communication quality and communication price.

JoiwoHighway Caller ID Telephone2G/3G/4G Wireless Telephone - JWAT701

It’s suitable for use insubways,pipe galleries , tunnels, expressways, power plantsand other places.



Product Description:

1.12864 LCD screen can display incoming and outgoing information, operator information, signal strength, battery power, temperature, etc.


2. 16-digit zinc alloy keypads, including expanded numeric keys and four function keys. The function keys are volume "+" "-" keys, confirm key and return key.


3. The internal circuit of the telephone adopts the international universal double-sided integrated circuit, which has the advantages of accurate number sending, clear call and stable work.


4. Rolled steel closure, plastic-sprayed surface to impact resistance, UV resistance, corrosion resistance, etc.


5. Backup type battery.


Ningbo Joiwo Explosion-proof,specialized in the production ofexplosion-proof/waterproof telephones, jail phones and other vandal resistant public telephonesfor more than 17 years.


We manufacture most of the parts by ourselves(handset,keypad,hanger etc).We have all kinds of machines doing moulding,injection,die casting,hardware machining.Our telephones are widely used in oil exploitation,chemical industry,prison,tunnel etc.As a reliable supplier , we can provide you with high-quality products and good after-sales service.


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