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U.S. prison service provider proposes to use VR to provide prisoners with "temporary freedom"

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U.S. prison service provider proposes to use VR to provide prisoners with "temporary freedom"


Recently, GTL (Global Tel Link), a well-knownprison telecommunications serviceprovider in the United States, was granted a new patent. It is worth mentioning that the content of this patent is entirely based on VR technology - this patent named "System and method for personalized virtual reality experience in a controlled environment" is mainly used to provide prisoners with a "taste of freedom" , and its main means of realization is the VR headset.



According to the patent documents, this special system can allow prisoners to feel that they have "regained their freedom" for a period of time, and all supervision and punishment have been far away. In addition, the system can also be used to communicate with other VR users (non-prisoners), which will certainly play a big role in remote prison visits, and the experience will definitely go far beyond telephone voice or regular video. Of course, all communication content will also be sent verbatim to the prison's monitoring system to prevent various accidents.



It is understood that GTL's previous main business was telecommunications services in prisons, aiming to provide communications services and other common electronic equipment to prisoners. Currently, the company is considering increasing revenue based on VR. At the same time, for those less fortunate prisoners, both remote visitation and virtual freedom are extremely attractive. However, just like all new technologies have just been born, the invention of GTL is also considered "too benevolent" by many people in the legal profession, which may destroy the effect of punishment and imprisonment to a certain extent.



It is worth mentioning that the outside world has always been dissatisfied with GTL's services, and the reason is very simple: their communication service fees are too high. In addition, the prison system itself has actually tried the VR virtual system, but it is mainly used for rehabilitation and training before release from prison. In 2017, a prison in Colorado used VR technology to train those "old prisoners" and teach them how to use the supermarket's self-checkout system after they are released from prison.

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