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What are IP phones?The fundamentals and components of IP Telephones.

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Speaking ofIP phones, it is relative toanalog phones. IP phones are also called IP phones, Internet phones, Internet phones, VOIP phones, SIP phones, WiFi phones, etc...


The basic principle of IP telephony: IP telephony is a technology that uses the Internet as a transmission medium to realize voice communication between computers, ordinary phones and ordinary phones, and computers and ordinary phones. The realization principle of IP telephony is to first convert the telephone voice from the public telephone network (PSTN, Public Switched Telephone Network) into a digital signal, and then compress and encode the voice data through a voice compression algorithm, and then convert the voice data according to the TCP/IP standard. Packaged, transmitted through TCP/IP protocol network (including Internet, Intranet, ATM, Frame Relay, etc.) and other types of data packets (data, Email, video, pictures, etc.) The data packets are stringed together, decompressed, decoded, converted into normal real-time voice, and sent to the final receiver through PSTN.


An IP telephony system has four basic components:


Terminal equipment (Terminal), gateway (Gateway), multipoint access control unit MCU (Multipoint Control Unit) and gatekeeper (Gatekeeper).


(1) The terminal device is an IP phone client terminal, which can be software (such as VocalTec's IP Phone, Microsoft's Netmeeting) or hardware (such as a dedicated Internet Phone), which can be directly connected to the IP network for real-time voice or Multi-coal communication.


(2) The gateway is the key equipment for providing PC-to-Phone, Phone-to-PC, and Phone-to-Phone voice communication through the IP network. It is the interface device between the IP network and the PSTN/ISDN/PBX network. It should have The following functions:


a It has an IP network interface and an interface interconnected with PSTN/ISDN/PBX switches;


b Complete real-time voice compression, compressing 64kbit/s voice signal into low bit rate voice signal;


c completes addressing and call control.


(3) The gatekeeper is responsible for user registration and management, and mainly completes the following functions:


a Address mapping: map the E.165 address of the telephone network to the IP address of the corresponding gateway;


b Call authentication and management: authenticate the identity of the access user, and prevent the access of illegal users;


c Call records: enable operators to have detailed data for charging;


d Regional management: Multiple gateways can be managed by one gatekeeper.


(4) The function of multipoint access control unit (MCU) is to use IP network to realize multipoint communication, so that IP phone can support some multipoint applications such as network conference. IP phone adopts gateway technology, one side of the gateway is connected to the traditional circuit switching network, such as PSTN, and can communicate with any external telephone; the other side of the gateway is connected to the packet switching network, such as Internet, Intranet, Extranet, etc.


After reading the above explanation, everyone may be a little confused, but I hope that the author's article will also have professional personnel, so I put some professional explanations here to let experts know the underlying principles, and have a better understanding of the upper-level practicality. To put it simply, IP telephony is the voice-to-digital conversion technology used, and then the call is realized by the IP switch, which includes the functions of gateway, gatekeeper, and MCU, and realizes data exchange, IP address confirmation, and multi-point applications. For practical functions, as for the IP phone client terminal, it is actually the IP phone that I will focus on today.


The IP phone is the terminal of the IP phone call we use, just like we use the 4G network, and then the only mobile phone that can finally realize this function is actually the same.


IP telephones are now the general trend of office landline telephones. It is not just as simple as converting IP telephones into voice signals through digital. Why is it so, because IP telephones are an upgraded version of landline telephones, and have many functions that analog telephones do not have , Intercommunication is free of charge, no need to lay out telephone lines, multi-party conference call function, you can set music ringtones and other functions when you receive a call, IP phones also have a feature that cannot be surpassed by analog phones, that is, sound fidelity, pick up the microphone, It really feels like a stereo surround sound. In the old movies, the feeling that the other party’s voice is a melodious sound coming from thousands of miles away really doesn’t exist. The sound is like communicating with you close to your ear.


So basically, with the idea of an IP phone, after the product is realized, it will expand from basic call functions to multiple functions. Black and white IP phones meet basic functions, and high-end phones use color screen phones. Color screen Basically, the phone is placed in the manager's room, or in the high-end office, which improves the feeling of the entire office environment. 5-way calls can meet the needs of conference calls in offices, and 10-key speed dial can be used for extension calls in the company, or management needs There are about 10 employees, and the frequently dialed calls can be placed on the fast broadcast button to make the office work more effective; the later expanded functional IP phones have functions that ordinary analog phones do not have, such as video, encryption, wall-mounted, cordless phones, etc. , It can really meet the application of call video in various occasions.


I hope we can go further and further in the design and use of IP phones, so that the phone functions that we couldn't or couldn't imagine in the past can be applied to ordinary people's homes. Isn't this the well-being of human beings brought by modernization?

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