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What are the methods of industrial communication?

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What are the methods ofindustrial communication?

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There are two mainstream

1. Fieldbus (the most are PROFIBUS-DP, DeveceNet, ModBus, etc.)

2. Industrial Ethernet (PROFINET, ETHERNET/IP, Modbus TCP, etc.)

Fieldbus refers to a digital, serial, multipoint communication data bus between field devices installed in manufacturing or process areas and automatic devices in the control room. It is an industrial data bus and the underlying data communication network in the field of automation.Normally we useanalog telephones.


Industrial Ethernet is a powerful area and cell network based on IEEE 802.3 (Ethernet). With Industrial Ethernet, SIMATIC NET offers a seamless integration into the new multimedia world. Intranet, Extranet, and the wide range of applications provided by the Internet have not only entered the field of today's offices, but also can be applied to production and process automation. Following the successful operation of 10M baud rate Ethernet, the full-duplex and adaptive 100M baud rate Fast Ethernet (Fast Ethernet, compliant with IEEE 802.3u standard) with switching function has also been operating successfully for many years. What kind of Ethernet performance is used depends on the user's needs. Universal compatibility allows users to seamlessly upgrade to new technologies.Normally we useIP telephones.




Ningbo Joiwo Explosion-proof Technology Co., Ltd. is mainly committed to the internal emergency special communication system, broadcast dispatch, scenic spot, airport tourist assistance management system, municipal SOS, 110, 119 Alarm Systems.




The company's philosophy: take the customer as the center, strive to be the industry pioneer, and create a first-class brand;


The company's mission: let industrial communication connect the world and link the future;


The company's vision: to become the world's first-class enterprise in industrial communication, to become a platform for Joiwo people to realize their dreams!

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