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What are the precautions for using the intercom?

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What are the precautions for using the intercom?

industrial intercom 

◎As one of the communication products, intercom are widely concerned and favored by the market, but after all, the national awareness of niche products is not too high, and many people still don’t know much about intercom. Yida Ruikang will popularize the use of intercom. matter:

The use of intercom: professional intercom are suitable for public security, traffic police, military, civil aviation, water conservancy, electricity, public transportation, railways, urban management, transportation management, geology, surveying and mapping, mountaineering and other important departments; open-band intercom can be freely purchased and used, such as available Used in homes, schools, tourism, community security, hotels, hotels, entertainment venues, construction sites, network wiring, etc.



◎Cost: The intercom is different from the mobile phone, no matter how long you talk, it will not incur any phone charges.



◎Communication distance: The average user is particularly concerned about the communication distance of the walkie-talkie. In fact, this is a more complicated issue. There is no one statement, let alone some exaggerated advertisements.



Generally speaking, the communication distance of the intercomdepends on the following aspects:


A. Transmitting power of the intercom;


B. The sensitivity of the intercom;


C. The terrain of the location;


D. The working frequency band and antenna gain of the intercom.

 vandalism intercom

      Take a intercom with a power of 5W as an example. The open area can reach 4-6km. In the city or mountainous area, it is blocked by buildings or mountains, it is 1-3km (if it is used indoors, the distance is closer). To increase the communication distance, a whip antenna with higher gain can be used. If you really want to further increase the communication distance, you should consider setting up a relay station. After setting up the relay station, the communication distance can reach more than 10km. The channels of open-band radios are 20 channels specified by the Ministry of Information Industry. In the 400MHz frequency band, the power cannot exceed 0.5W, and the communication distance is shorter than that of professional radios with larger power. The urban area is 300-1500 meters, and the open area is 1000-2000 meters. It is not possible to increase the communication distance by setting up a repeater.


◎Correct selection: For intercom used in the field (such as geological surveys, power wiring and construction sites, etc.), select intercom that are simple in function and easy to operate, but with sturdy structure, good drop resistance and waterproof performance, to ensure that users and Normal use of the intercom.



◎Different models of intercom can talk to each other as long as they have the same frequency and the same password.



◎Do not use the intercom in hospitals, gas stations, airports, gas leaks and other sensitive areas that are flammable, explosive, and easily disturbed.



◎Be careful not to enter water or land, and keep it clean to prolong the service life of the intercom.


◎First use: The first charge of a new battery requires continuous charging for 10-12 hours, and it can be charged for 6-8 hours each time (fast charge is 3-4 hours). Please don't forget to turn off the battery when charging to avoid unstable voltage If the  intercom is damaged, stop charging after the time is up. Don't overcharge, so as not to affect the battery life. If equipped with a charger with discharge function, it is recommended to discharge the battery every half a month or so, and then fully charge it, which can extend the battery life. If you use it continuously for a long time (such as 24 hours security), it is recommended to equip with a spare battery. Many intercom have a low-voltage alarm function, and the battery should be charged in time after the alarm.



◎The charging times of the intercom battery is generally 300-500 times, plus the natural aging of the battery, so the life of the  intercom battery is generally between 10-20 months (except for lithium batteries).



◎Some intercom have large and small power selection functions. When the communication distance is not far, choose low-power mode according to the actual situation, which can extend the battery life.



◎Generally, intercom have multiple channels, so the channels must be aligned before both parties talk. In the event of interference or interference with others, you should change the channel or contact us in time.



◎Some intercom with keyboards have DTMF dialing and selective calling function, that is, a person or a group of people can be selected to make a selective call, and other people on the same channel can neither hear nor send (listen prohibited) Banned). The  intercom without a keyboard is a one-to-one response type. When you talk to any person, other people on the same channel can hear or interrupt, so pay attention to civilized intercom.


◎How to use: Press the transmitter button (also called the PTT button) and start speaking. After you finish speaking, release the PTT button, otherwise you won't hear the other party's speech (it won't be troublesome after using it). You don't need to speak loudly, otherwise it will cause voice distortion, just speak at a normal volume 5-10cm away from the walkie-talkie.


◎Pay attention to adjust the volume and squelch, otherwise you may not hear or produce disturbing noise.



◎When the environment is noisy, an ear microphone can be selected, but it should be noted that the earphone cable is easily broken.



◎Do not change the parameter settings of the w intercom by yourself, otherwise it may cause confusion in frequency and function, cause the walkie-talkie to not work normally, and bring trouble to our maintenance work.



◎Do not disassemble and repair it by yourself. intercom are different from mobile phones. It is difficult to repair without professional technology and equipment. We will provide good after-sales service (maintenance and lifetime maintenance according to the manufacturer's regulations).

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