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What is bank phone ?

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 industrial bank phone 

   Now every city, however large or  small, there will be bank branch. Every day, you can see a lot of people queuing up at bank ATMs to deposit or withdraw money. At the same time, if  many people use it , the malfunction will always happen, so you will need a industrial bank phone to deal with  these problems specifically. As for a bank phone, the security is definitely much higher. So today we will talk about the functions of bank telephones.


  A bank telephone is usually installed near to the ATM machine when something emergency happen.Because  when people choose to use ATM machines to deposit money, the bank monitoring tentacles are far from reaching every  ATM withdrawal location, which leads to a rapid increase in the number of crimes when withdrawing money next to the ATM machine. Another example is an ATM system error that causes the withdrawal amount to be incorrect. It also happens from time to time to take out counterfeit banknotes. It is necessary to have a direct line bank phone ATM telephone to communicate with bank staff and solve problems.


   There are different kind of  telephone in Ningbo Joiwo which could be used for bank,ATM.It is made of stainless steel and have different type. Handsfree intercom , telephone with handset,only one push button to call , with/without  keypad.It depends on clients’ demand.

 public bank phone

   Below is basic funstion:




1. Three seconds after lifting the handset, the machine will automatically dial the customer service hotline of the bank.


2. The emergency number can be dialed within three seconds of lifting the handset to facilitate depositors to ask for help when an accident occurs during ATM operation


3. This machine is equipped with a keyboard lock function that can not dial local and long-distance calls except designated numbers to prevent someone from deliberately occupying the machine and incurring charges


4. The machine can be equipped with additional functions as required, such as one-key dialing to a VIP line, etc. The functions can be customized according to customer requirements. In addition, the color and LOGO of this machine can be customized according to requirements


5.This machine has no redial and no display, except for all pre-stored numbers that are permanently reserved, no customer information is retained except for numbers that will not be lost regardless of power down or offline, to maximize user information security.


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