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What is Electronics circuit board three-proofing lacquer for heavy duty telephone?

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In the past, all electronic products must pay attention to waterproof . Because if water enter, the electric product will be over. Today, there is a big change here. The waterproof performance of electronic products like heavy duty telephone has gradually strengthened. So what is the reason for this development trend? So someone mentioned

Electronics circuit board three-proofing lacquer


At present, the rapid development of science and technology has allowed a variety of electronic products to continue to emerge in people's field of vision, and they are more powerful. However, the problem of waterproof/weatherproof has always been accompanied by the development of electronic products like industrial telephone, and if they can be waterproof, they will be more popular. One of the substances that can help electronic products achieve waterproof functions is Electronics circuit board three-proofing lacquer.


So what exactly is the Electronics circuit board three-proofing lacquer meanning? 

What is the feature and fubction ? Let's discuss together today.


Definition :

Electronics circuit board three-proofing lacquer

is composed of synthetic resins, synthetic elastomers, plasticizers, catalysts, dry (semi-dry) alkyd resins, amino resins, etc. as the main components, and is formulated with additives, diluents, etc. to meet the requirements of this specification. The insulating three-proof paint made of ingredients does not contain toxic substances. Except SR type and XY type three anti-paints, other types of three anti-paints are fluorescent materials that can be inspected under ultraviolet light.



1. Mono component low viscosity resin, this product has the features of easy operate: issuitable for process of brush coating; spray coating, dip coating, curtain coating, etc. Highsolidified speed, has a good adhesive force.


2. Having good functions of high. and low-temperature resistant; after solidification, anticreep,quakeproof, dustproof, corrosion proof, salt spray proof, mildew proof, ageing resistance and corona resistance.



1. To cancel toxic element and harmful component while resin compounding and choosehigh- quality environment friendly solvent. (comply with Europe and America level)


2 Better three proofing function: having outstanding moisture proof function and salt sprayproof. There is no oil element in coating, so good mildew proof is also existed


3. Better electrical insulated function: the characteristics of organic siloxane are dielectricAproperties, arc resistance, electric spark resistance, high strength of electric breakdown and goodfunctions of water proof. So in wet, paint film can resist electricity.


4. Temperature changing resistance: the heat resistance of organosilocon insulated paint issuperior to a common coating. Resistant the highest temperature iC1stle lowestone is -605. Good functions of resisting chemicals: high oxidative resistance insured good thermalstability, anti -ageing function, resistant corrosion of different acid, alkali and salt.


5. Good functions of are craft: solidified in normal or low temperature, paint film is dense andbright, high adhesive force and decorative. Easy to coat, spray coating, dip coating and brush coating can accepted and according to coating craft to choose viscosity of paint.



Therefore, when it comes to the reasons for the gradual enhancement of the waterproof performance of electronic products, on the one hand, it is the result of the development of science and technology of the times. Higher technology and better waterproof materials can realize the waterproof of electronic products; on the other hand, some electronic products It may be used in a humid environment, so their waterproof performance is required to be in place.


Ningbo Joiwos industrial waterproof telephone both use  three-proofing lacquer for Electronics circuit board, so we provide the strong waterproof defend grade IP66-67.

Our industrial telephone could be widely used for tunnel, marine, chemical plant,oil & gas, cement plant, highway, railway,elevator ,public outdoor and so on.


Are you looking for industrial waterproof/weatherproof telephone for any project?


Ningbo Joiwo is always ready to help you win and complete projects successfully by offering high-quality products, competitive prices and our professional services.


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