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What is Power Tunnel communication system ?

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Power tunnels are engineering buildings buried in the ground. They are a form of human use of underground space and are used for cables and wires.

The power tunnel is laid far away, and the environment is a relatively closed underground space. The operator’s mobile phone signal cannot be covered. Whether the included pipeline fails or its own auxiliary equipment fails, it will paralyze the functions of the cities along the line. And many units in the tunnel have

The respective communication requirements make emergency telephones have the ability to communicate with the outside world, and must be compatible with the calling needs of various units. Therefore, it is particularly important to build a commercial and reliable emergency communication system which could play an indispensable and key role in disaster relief.

Ningbo Joiwo provide the tunnel system design and installation.Having many years experience doing tunnel project and get the good feedback from all over over the world.

Our industrial telephone could be used for tunnel,marine,dock,highway,speed way,railway and so on.

Are you looking for any  heavy duty outdoor  weatherproof & waterproof phone for emergency use?

Welcome to Joiwo.


1.  System Features:

  1.1 Openness:

  The system takes the standard SIP protocol as the core, supports the access of third-party devices and interconnects with customers' existing IP communication systems.


  1.2  Business integration:

   A single system can support multiple services such as voice help, video linkage, fire alarm, access control, etc., and complete monitoring and monitoring, business consultation, and alarm for help through a unified console interface.


  1.3  Efficient collaboration:

    By dividing multiple partitions and configuring multiple consoles, a single console can handle multiple service calls at the same time, and supports collaboration between the consoles to improve the service efficiency of the monitoring center.


   1.4 HD sound quality:

    The system supports the international standard G.722 broadband voice coding, combined with the unique echo cancellation technology, compared with traditional PCMA coding, it can be called high-fidelity, high-definition sound quality.


2. System functions:

   2.1 Voice intercom

   Single key intercom, double key intercom

   Surveillance and deterrence

   Any paging, intercom recording

   Call queue, break in

   Unattended, call forwarding


   2.2  Security alarm

   Call for help, fire alarm

   Intelligent event, alarm log

   Broadcast linkage, SMS linkage

   Video linkage, switch linkage


   2.3   Public broadcasting

    Region-wide broadcasting, district broadcasting

    Timed broadcast, trigger broadcast

    Propaganda broadcast, text broadcast

    Music broadcasting, broadcast broadcasting



    2.4   Video linkage

    Real-time preview, preview snapshot

    Intercom linkage, alarm linkage

    Screen switching, code stream switching

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