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What is the difference of Analogue telephone system and VoIP telephone system

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Analogue Telephone system

1. Cost -out cost: cheaper than VoIP telephone system.

2. System cost: In addition to PBX hosts and outer board cards, a large number of split board cards, modules and carrying gateways also need to be configured, but no user license is required

3. Cost of the computer room: Due to the large system components, a lot of computer room space and support

4. Wiring cost: Simulation telephone wiring must adopt a dedicated voice wiring, and cannot be reused with data wiring

5. Maintenance management: Due to the many system components, especially when the system is large, the maintenance is relatively complicated, and if the user location changes, it is necessary to specialize in the computer room to change the line, and the management is more troublesome

6. Telephone function: The function of the Analogue telephone is relatively simple. It can only make simple calls, free of charge, etc. If you do business functions such as transfer, meeting and other business functions, the operation is relatively complicated, and there is only one way channel channel for the simulation machine.


VoIP Telephone system

1. Cost -out cost: higher than Analogue telephone system.

2. System cost: only need to buy PBX hosts, outer board cards and IP user licenses

3. Machine room cost: Because there are fewer system components, only a few U cabinets are required, and it is used with data networks.

4. Wiring cost: IP phone wiring can be fully based on data wiring, and no wiring can be used alone

5. Maintenance management: Due to the fewer system components, the maintenance is relatively simple; when the user's location changes, only the user needs to make the corresponding configuration change on the phone.

6. Telephone function: VoIP telephones function is relatively comprehensive. Most business functions need to be operated on the interface of the phone, and IP phone machines can have multiple road channels



Comprehensive cost: This shows that although the Analogue telephone system is more advantageous than the cost of the VoIP telephone system, the overall construction cost of the  Analogue telephone system is much higher than the overall PBX system, computer room and wiring costs.


Investment protection: As the company develops and grows, once the company has a relocation or expansion plan, the wiring as a hard investment cost will not be reused, and the VoIP telephone system can be reused with data wiring, which can greatly reduce wiring costs and provide investment protection.


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