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What’s the detail parts inside the industrial telephone?

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When we want to make a call, pick up the telephone handle and leave the hook-up line ready to connect, and when we hang up the telephone, put down the handle and the line will be interrupted. When the call comes in, the bell rings and the line is ready to connect.

Inthe industrial telephone,the components that realize these functions are: handset, hook switch, dial (or keypad), telephone ring and telephone loop.


The microphone is a small box with carbon particles in it. The small box has a stationary electrode at the back and a vibrating membrane (called a vibrating electrode) at the front. When you speak into the microphone, the vibrating membrane vibrates in different amplitudes with the change of the sound, so that the carbon particles are sometimes compressed (resistance decreases), and then relaxed (resistance increases), so that the flow through the two The current between the electrodes also changes. In this way, the change in the size of the sound is transformed into a change in the strength of the electrical signal suitable for transmission on the circuit.

The body of the receiver is a permanent magnet with a coil wound around it. When the voice current from the other party passes through the coil, a magnetic field is generated, which attracts the thin iron sheet in front of the magnet to vibrate and emit sound. The magnitude of the vibration is determined by the magnitude of the current flowing through the coil. This is the simple reason why the receiver can restore the electrical signal to sound.

When we're on a phone call, the first action is "off-hook" (removing the handset from the phone). At this point, the part of the telephone that carries the handset (called the "hook") bounces up, closing the circuit between the telephone and the switch. If the switch line is free at this time, it will send a continuous "dial tone" to the telephone, which tells you: "I am already on standby, please dial!"


Telephone dials are rotary and push-button. sent out when dialing with them.It is a DC pulse or a dual tone signal. No matter what kind of signal, their role is to control.Control the switch in the telephone office to let it complete the connection between the calling user and the called user.

If the called phone is idle, the switch sends a ringing current to it, making the other party's phone

The phone rings. This is telling the other party: "Someone is calling!" At the same time, the caller

The user will hear a "Ringback Tone". If the other party's phone is not available, the switch will give the caller.The user sends a "busy tone" of "beep, beep, beep...".



IP (Internet Protocol) telephoneis a digital telephone, a communication

letter service business. It combines voice, compression coding, packaging, routing, storage and exchange

It can realize voice communication on the IP network or the Internet through exchange processing such as exchange, depacketization and decompression. it promotes

It improves the utilization of network resources and reduces the cost of voice services. Therefore, it has been rapidly

It can be said that it is the fastest-growing and most popular application service in the world today.

It is one of the service technologies and one of the hotspots in the computer network industry.


Nowadays,the analog and IP version telephonesare widely used in industrial communication.Ningbo Joiwo is specialized in the production of explosion-proof/waterproof telephones, jail phones and other vandal resistant public telephones for more than 17 years.

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