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Why are landline phones still popular in developed countries, are we making progress?

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Why arelandline phonesstill popular in developed countries, are we making progress?


      In today's era when smart phones have been fully popularized, landline phones have long been replaced by social development. Many children born after 2010 may not even know what a landline phone is. Nowadays, when someone says a phone number, their first reaction must be a smartphone.




       Today, landline telephones are the gold medal household appliances that dominate every home in our country. In the 20th century in China, there was a popular saying, "Between the floors, the light bulb phone." The short eight characters reflect the longing of the people in our country for a happy life. If there are light bulbs and phones at home, there It was time to be a famous family.


       How hard would it be to install a landline? In 1992, an ordinary household in Dezhou, Shandong Province had to pay an initial installation fee of 2,200 yuan for the installation of a fixed telephone. At that time, the average monthly salary of the common people was only around 150 yuan. one year's earnings.


       Even so, every household is rushing to install a phone, and they have to get a number after paying the money, which shows the popularity of fixed phones. However, with the advent of the new millennium, the popularity of mobile phones has gradually become popular, and the influence of landline phones has gradually plummeted. To this day, in an era when smartphones are often seen, landlines have completely faded into our daily lives without knowing when.


       However, people who have been to developed countries in some western countries may find a strange situation. It is not common to see fixed telephones abroad, and even today, every household overseas can still see fixed telephones. Why are the items that have been replaced for many years in China still seen in developed countries? Did everyone develop, or did they stagnate?


       In fact, this really has nothing to do with technological innovation. In developed countries, like in my country, the use of smart phones is taking off. However, it is still not easy for them to abandon the landline, because developed countries are very sensitive to personal privacy.


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picture showed:JWAT137 Landline phone used in jail,namedjail phones

       As we all know, smartphones are definitely not as secure as landline phones in terms of security. Nowadays, the telephones of diplomatic relations in our country still use fixed telephones. It can be seen that the privacy of fixed telephones is very impressive. Coupled with the built-in GPS positioning of smartphones, not only the security of voice calls is not guaranteed, but even location information can be exposed. Therefore, although many European and American countries also use smart phones, they still choose landline communication when they encounter a more critical matter. In addition, it is also related to the unshakable software of this developed country's telephone system. Although there were telephones in my country in the early Qing Dynasty, the popularity of telephones in all parts of the country has not been high for a long time since then, and only some large cities have ensured all-round popularization. Even after the founding of New China, telephones were still a rarity in some villages and towns.


       The popularization of telephony in developed countries is not only early, but also all-round. The masses have been using fixed telephones for decades, and the level of dependence is high. In addition, there are many related machines and equipment that have long occupied many urban forms. If you want to completely eliminate them, it will definitely cost a lot of capital investment. And people in developed countries are relatively lazy, coupled with the mentality of government departments, the fixed telephone is saved in this way. Looking back, in our country, the popularity of fixed telephones was still in the 1990s. As a result, not long after they became popular, they immediately entered the era of mobile phones. The soil layer of landline telephones in China is very shallow, and it is of course easy to completely replace them.


        In general, whether the replacement of landlines is not related to smart technology, it is only a habitual problem. However, the decline of landline telephones is a certain historical development trend, and it is only one step ahead in our country. In the near future, if you want to reminisce about the appearance of a landline phone, you may only have to go to the History Museum to see its beauty.




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