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IP-kragversterker - JWA009

IP amplifierapplies IoT, big data, video streaming, and cloud technology to realize multimedia public addressing, security, environmental control, video intercom and more functions. It’s a great solution for schools, department stores, factories, airports, train stations, hotels, emergency command centers and even the large-scale smart city.

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1  Product Features

◆ One RJ45 interface, supporting SIP2.0 and other related protocols, with direct access to Ethernet, cross-segment and cross-route.

◆ High-grade aluminum 2U black brushed panel, beautiful and generous.

◆ Five signal inputs (three microphones, two lines).

◆ 100V, 70V fixed voltage output and 4~16Ω fixed resistance output. 

    POWER :240-500W

◆ Total volume modulation function, each input channel volume independent adjustment.

◆ Independent adjustment of high and low tones.

◆ MIC1 automatic silent sound with adjustment switch, adjustable range: 0 to - 30dB.

◆ Five-unit LED level display, dynamic and clear.

◆ With perfect output short circuit protection and over temperature protection function.

◆ Built-in signal muting circuit, better reduce the output bottom noise.

◆ with an auxiliary audio output interface, easy to connect the next amplifier.

◆ The output adopts industrial fence type terminals for more reliable connection.

◆ Temperature control start of the cooling fan.

◆ Very suitable for medium and small public occasions broadcast use.

2 Introduction of the front panel of the device


(1) Power indicator     (2) Signal indicator     (3) Power      (4) Total volume    (5) Bass     

(6) Treble                    (7) MIC1  volume          (8) MIC 2  volume       (9) MIC 3  volume       

   (10) AUX 1 line volume           (11) AUX 2 line volume        (12) MIC 1 microphone Input

3  INLEIDING of rear panel



(1) WAN port  (2)Mute    (3) MIC2  input jack   (4) MIC3 input jack   (5) AUX1 line input jack 

(6) AUX2 line input jack    (7) Auxiliary audio output jack   (8) COM common output

(9) 4-16 ohm fixed-resistance output        (10) 70V fixed-voltage output

(11) 100V fixed-voltage output     (12) AC220V power input     (13)  cooling fan

4  System Diagram


5 Gebruik die metode 

◆ IP amplifier connected to the network and power supply, speakers, registered in the server can be used normally, the function depends on the server, this machine supports SIP2.0 protocol.

◆ The default IP address of the machine is Users can log in to WEB to set it as needed.

◆ Receive broadcast: when there is an incoming call amplification open, ring three times after the automatic connection, broadcast end amplification off.



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SGS, ISO 9001: 2000, CE, FCC, ROHS, CNEX, IP65 / IP66 / IP67,


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