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Are you looking for a Handsfree telephone project?

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With the launch of its new JOIWO handsfree telephone , JOIWO becomes a full-range supplier for industrial telephone and emergency intercom to the telecommunications. This series are perfectly tailored to standard applications which require high quality and strict defend grade.

Recently,We researched new handsfree phone with one button/two button/buttons which used in elevators, pharmaceutical factories, building intercoms and other environments with special requirements.


1.DECG chip, with more outstanding sound, stronger anti-interference ability, digital automatic gain, no howling or intermittent call in the hands-free state..

2.Robust housing, constructed of 304 stainless steel material.

3.Hands-free emergency phone.

4.Vandal resistant stainless steel keypad.

5.Konneksie: RJ11-skroefklempaarkabel.

6. Selfgemaakte telefoononderdeel beskikbaar.

7.CE, FCC, RoHS, ISO9001 voldoen.

Are you looking for handsfree telephonr for any project ?

Ningbo Joiwo Explosionproof warmly welcome your inquiry, with professional R&D and years of experienced engineers, we can also tailor our solution to meet your specific business needs.

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