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ለፋይበር ኦፕቲክ ስልክ የፋይበር ቀለበት አውታረ መረብ ይቀይሩ

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1. Simplicity, metal box design, exquisite appearance can easily be placed on a desk. Single line telephone can simultaneously record 1-8.

2. Each call recording instantly written to disk storage, records come and call number, call date and time, call length and other information, automatic recognition is scored or played,automatically records the number of rings.

3. Device comes with a network interface, it can automatically obtain an IP address plug the Internet cable.

4. Boot speed, 20 seconds to enter the system.

5. Support large-capacity hard disk interface hard 2T 2.5'SATA.

6. You can select the SD card version, it can support up to 64GB SD Card.

7. Support up to 8-wire analog line while recording, you can combine a 4-wire, 8-wire.

8.Own definition touch screen, simple operation, most of the operations can be completed in the touch-screen operation.

9. Automatic recording without a computer, completely embedded devices.

10. Power consumption, heat a small, without a fan, you can run 24 hours a day.

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