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Introduction of Joiwo GSM telephone JWAT702 and analog/voip telephone JWAT208

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Joiwo yeni inkişaf etdi GSM telefon JWAT702 and analog/voip telephone JWAT208

These telephone is Very Popular for Tunnels, Mining, Marine, Underground, Metro Stations, Railway Platform, Highway Side, Hotels, Parking Lots, Steel Plants, Chemical Plants, Power Plants And Related Heavy Duty and humidity Industrial Application, Etc.


The system can be chosen Communication Protocol for 2G/3G/4G or analog/voip. These telephone var made of Aluminum alloy ,have high mechanical strength and strong impact resistance.These telephone use Stainless Steel pad which suitable for the person who have no need about keypad, Auto-dial when handset picked up and the emergency phone number can be set as requested.You can place this telephone on the wall and fixed with screw to prevent slipping. Below is the main features for your reference.


1.Aluminum alloy die-casting shell, high mechanical strength and strong impact resistance.

2.GSM/3G type or Standard Analogue/voip type is optional.

3.Heavy Duty handset with hearing Aid compatible receiver.

4.Weather proof protection to IP66-IP67.

5.Stainless Steel pad.

6.Auto-dial when handset picked up and the emergency phone number can be set as requested.

7.Wall quraşdırılmış, sadə quraşdırma.

8.Multiple housings and colors.

11. Özü hazırlanmış telefon ehtiyat hissəsi.

12. CE, FCC, RoHS, ISO9001 uyğun


1. The caller takes the handset off hook, dial the callee's telephone number → callee's telephone rings.

2. The callee hears ringing → pick up the handset to answer the call, both sides under normal conversation.

3. At the end of the call, hang back the handset.

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