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Кампусныя сямейныя тэлефоны дапамагаюць здароваму развіццю кампуса

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Кампусныя сямейныя тэлефоны дапамагаюць здароваму развіццю кампуса

1. Стан рынку


According to the 2021 Department of Education document, elementary and middle school students are not allowed to bring mobile phones into the campus in principle, and the basic home-school Internet is essential. In today's highly developed Internet technology, traditional audio calls are far from meeting the needs of groups. DingTalk-based video calls can not only solve the needs, but also reduce the cost of use. It is by far the best group solution.

2. Networking method

  •  The campus family phone system supports swiping cards or faces to make family calls;

  •  Synchronize the DingTalk home-school address book through the campus family phone management platform, which does not involve sensitive information such as parents' mobile phone numbers. Based on DingTalk's native SDK, dial the parent's UserID (the unique string identifier of a member in DingTalk's organizational structure) to avoid parents' phone calls leaked number;

  • Dingding micro-app Zhiyin Campus collects photos or uniformly enters photos or card numbers in the campus family phone management platform;

  • Campus family phone terminals are installed in campus dormitories, corridors, public areas and other places, and the terminal devices are connected to the campus family phone management platform for binding;

  • Support operators (Mobile/China Unicom/Telecom)4G network or wired network, WIFI External communication, voice/video call, family message and other functions.


3. Функцыя прадукту

  • Attendance function: Students click to scan their faces to check in. After the face recognition check-in is successful, the phone will push the attendance information to the parent's mobile phone through DingTalk.

  • Message function on the student terminal: Click the message function to enter the space through face recognition; click the "I want to leave a message" button behind the parent's title; enter text, voice, pictures or small videos, etc., and click send after the entry is completed

  • Message function on the parent terminal: Open DingTalk after receiving the DingTalk reminder, click the logo to enter the message interface, and then read and reply.

  • Audio and video call function: Students take off the handset, click the "message call" button on the screen, and enter the face recognition interface; after entering the personal space, click the function corresponding to the parent's name, and choose audio call or video call; Parents click on the video to answer after receiving the video call invitation.


Smart campus family phone system, simple, convenient and fast smart life, information system realizes family communication and information sharing between home and school, students can easily contact their parents when they are in school, and solve the inconvenience of students and parents. The smart campus family phone provides auxiliary services such as campus security and smart teaching for the home school, helping the healthy development of campus life.

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