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Прамысловы воданепранікальны тэлефон Joiwo JWAT306 быў усталяваны ў док-парт праекта.

ЧАС: 2020-04-28 HITS: 1

Нінбо Joiwo rugged waterproof telephone JWAT306 have been installed in dock & port project.

Alluminum alloy material,with full keypad and strong defend grade IP67. Our customer shared the installation and application photos ,they said they are very satisfied with our industrial outdoor marine waterproof telephone . All the telephones are perfect work well there.

We have many years’ experience about industrial telephone research and we are professonal company which could provide the OEM service like hosing words,logo ,label ,color and so on.

Нінбо Joiwois always pay attention to improve the product quality to suitable present market.

If you have any idea about our industrial analog/Voip telephone для marine/railway/dock/port/highway /Tunnel project or anything else,Ningbo Joiwo Explosionproof warmly welcome your requirement, with professional R&D and years of experienced engineers, we can also tailor our solution to meet your specific business needs.

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