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Наш тэлефон JWAT811 з выбухам быў усталяваны ў Італіі

ЧАС: 2019-12-13 HITS: 27

The Italy client installed our Explosion proof telephone at the chemical plant.

We get good feedback from our customers

Some chemical plant are under a production environment where faces on a  lot of  gas and dust.


Our explosion proof telephone are built rugged, tough, and dependable to last in the harshest industrial conditions in the world.with automatic dial, call automatic answer function, but also can set volume control button, perfectly meet the needs of customers.We know when companies experience telecom downtime, the results can be staggering. Implementing solutions that enable you to improve reliability and security of your operational equipment is a bottom-line issue for our customers.


Our telephone is made of die-cast aluminum alloy, with high mechanical strength and strong impact resistance. It is placed beside the Hazardous area for customers to give first aid.


Нінбо Joiwo заўсёды гатовы дапамагчы вам паспяхова выйграць і завяршыць праекты, прапаноўваючы якасную прадукцыю, канкурэнтаздольныя цэны і нашы прафесійныя паслугі.

ПАДТАРЫЦЬ І ЗАРАБІЦЬ!Эксклюзіўныя прапановы па электроннай пошце і абмежаваныя зніжкі на час