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19-ы CIPPE

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Выстава нафты Cippe - гэта Кітайская міжнародная выстава нафты і нафтахімічных тэхналогій і абсталявання, якая з'яўляецца добра вядомай галіновай выставай, створанай Zhenwei Exhibition Group.

Cippe is an industry conference in the international petroleum and petrochemical industry. It is held in Beijing every spring and has been successfully held for thirteen sessions. For more than a decade, as China's important position in the world's oil industry has become increasingly prominent, cippe's development momentum has also been quite strong, becoming the largest oil show in Asia. In 2010, the cippe exhibition area exceeded 80,000 square meters, ranking among the top three oil exhibitions in the world, and it was in line with the US OTC and the British OE Oil Exhibition.

As in previous years, Joiwo wil be there and wait for your coming.

Add:No.88, Yuxiang Road Tianzhu, Shunyi District Beijing, Our booth number is W3556.

Тэл: + 8613858202780

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