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What is the function for IP Public Address System?

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Ningbo  joiwo help customer not only прамысловы тэлефон system like IP  explosionproof/weatherproof  telephone ,but also Public Address paging System.


In addition to meeting the traditional broadcasting functions, the IP public broadcasting system is also extensible, which facilitates the increase of broadcasting points in the future and the optimization and upgrade of the system. So, what is its function in the IP public address system? Can it meet those needs? What kind of experience  bring us? We will make a brief introduction:

1. Covers all functions of traditional broadcasting systems

Including business speech broadcasting, background music, etc., it is multi-purpose during installation, making full use of IP network resources, avoiding repeated installation of lines, where digital Ethernet terminals can be connected to digital broadcasting terminals, and realizing the multi-network integration of broadcasting and computer networks.

2. Multiple programs are played simultaneously

Each terminal can be set to play different content, that is, a set of programs corresponds to one terminal, without interfering with each other. Independent terminal volume control.

3. Dual master control system

A dual-master system consisting of a computer server and an embedded IP network master, which can be coordinated and managed at the same time, can also run independently, effectively improving system reliability.

4. Randomly select paging

Paging a microphone or a computer on the network through the IP network, and installing workstation software, can realize broadcast speech, and can be designated to broadcast to all, part or a single terminal.

5. Timed Play

Each voice broadcast terminal of the IP network broadcast has an independent IP address, and can individually receive a personalized scheduled broadcast program and scheduled playback operation of the system server. You can also set a personalized music ringtone, and automatically play the commute ringtone according to the programmed work schedule. The work schedule can be automatically adjusted according to spring and autumn, and special configuration options for rainy days and holidays are provided.

Click on the documentation link for more information


6. Real-time voice recording and broadcasting

The IP network broadcast program real-time acquisition function can compress and store programs from other audio sources in real-time and store them on the server, and simultaneously rebroadcast to designated workshop terminals as required. The source can be other commercial or personal radio stations, cassette decks, CD players, MP3 players, microphones, etc.

7. Free On Demand

The digital broadcasting terminals distributed in each area can be controlled by the remote control, and any on-demand of the database in the audio server can be completed.

8. Online radio broadcast

The IP network broadcast can convert the Internet network radio programs received through the Internet radio software into the IP network broadcast data format, and play the voice broadcast terminal in real time.

9. Leaders speak online

IP webcasting enables leaders to speak online. Leaders do not need to go to the broadcasting center, and through any computer connected to the system server, they can speak remotely through the computer's microphone. Can speak to the whole plant, or to the district.


Emergency Fire Broadcasting

The system can be connected to fire alarm signals to achieve fire linkage and support adjacent alarms. The terminal has a strong cut function that can control a three-wire audio controller.


Audio Material Production

Realize the recording, conversion and editing of digital materials, and the system server can store music programs or voice programs of more than thousands of hours.



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