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what issues should everyone pay attention to when purchasing explosion-proof telephones?

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Today Ningbo Joiwo Explosionproof  is talking about выбухаабароненая electrical appliances.


So what issues should everyone pay attention to when purchasing explosion-proof telephones?


1. Explosion-proof telephone voltage level


In recent years, due to the need for energy saving, in order to reduce the loss of electric energy in the line, the trend of increasing the voltage level is more obvious: choose 3kV for underground explosion-proof motors;


Explosion-proof telephones for petrochemical systems and coal mine main shaft ventilation are gradually increasing, and their power is getting smaller and smaller. Some production plants even receive orders for 110-160kW and 10kV. When making an explosion-proof telephone with such a small power, the manufacturing cost will increase, and the processing of the magnet wire will be more difficult.


When the frequency of the low-voltage explosion-proof telephone is 60Hz, its rated voltage is best changed to 460V. Domestic explosion-proof telephone manufacturers can easily derive from 50Hz products.


2. Protection level of explosion-proof telephone


The protection level consists of two numbers after the IP. The first digit from the left indicates the level of dustproofness, and the second digit is the level of waterproofness. Sometimes the buyer chooses an explosion-proof telephone in a place where the purchase price is low or the protection level is not clear. For example, explosion-proof motors that drive coal mills for power stations.


3. Insulation grade of explosion-proof telephone


When it comes to the insulation level, the temperature rise of the explosion-proof telephone is involved. In actual operation, there are two issues that the supply and demand parties must reach a consensus:


Temperature rise limit At present, more than 90% of the high and low voltage explosion-proof telephones produced in China are Class F insulation. In order to improve the service life of explosion-proof telephones, more than 90% of the manufacturers indicated in the samples that "select F-class insulation, and the temperature rise shall be assessed according to the B-class limit". The allowable temperature for class B insulation is 130°C and for class F is 155°C. Considering the ambient temperature of 40°C and the fluctuations of 5°C and 10°C for the manufacturing process and materials, the ex-factory limit of the temperature rise of Class B insulated and explosion-proof telephones is set at 80K. For explosion-proof telephones manufactured according to class F insulation, if the ex-factory limit is class B, the temperature rise limit should be 90K.

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