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Analog hybrid voice gateway.

January 06,2021

The analog voice gateway mainly coordinates the IP

broadcast telephone in the pipe rack with the extension telephone of the program-controlled exchange, including the relay function for the incoming and outgoing calls of the external local telephone, so as to ensure the integration of different communication modes to form the same call network and access to the core Ethernet switching network.
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It is equipped with powerful hardware processing capacity to ensure that the equipment is still stable and reliable under full load;

the telephone pots interface has over-current and over-voltage protection function, with lightning, surge, power line overlap and other protection. The products are professional, safe, reliable and stable in performance. One version supports sip, H.248 and MGCP at the same time. It can integrate and dock with IMS platform of operators with strong compatibility. Powerful QoS, adaptive dynamic buffering technology and packet loss compensation technology can guarantee the call quality, which is comparable to PSTN of the United States. It can compete with ip-p of major brands in customers’ rich and powerful IP voice overall solutions. The integration of BX and call center supports four FXS ports and four FXO ports, which need to be considered with the management end

The compatibility between SIP broadcast scheduling server and voice gateway should be considered when connecting the server.

Physical interface

Telephone interface: 4fxs / 4fxo, RJ-11
Ethernet interface: 1 * Wan, 3 * LAN, 10 / 100Mbps, RJ45
Supplementary services
Call waiting, call forwarding, call holding
Call forwarding (blind, consulting, semi blind)
Group scramble, hotline, do not disturb, voice mail

3) SIP desktop phone at management end.

The SIP intercom at the management end is mainly used for the duty room to initiate outgoing calls and answer incoming calls, and access to the core network switch of the monitoring room or computer room to communicate with other communication equipment.

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